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April 2012

Where Can I Find Cheap Workout Equipment For My Home

If there’s ever a time of year when the pressure is on to get into shape, it would have to be the spring. With just a couple of months until bikini (and swim trunk) season left, you can no longer…

The Modernized Rice Cooker

The Modernized Rice Cooker

Every month, searches performed on the internet for rice cookers appears to be slowly increasing. Most talk about electric rice cookers are popping up in food forums, Facebook, Yahoo Answers, personal blogs, and even eBay with numerous sellers offering hundreds…

Should Fitness Trainers Get Public Liability Insurance?

There’s probably not one person on the planet who, at one time or another, has not looked at their house or car insurance and thought, “I haven’t had anything happen yet. Maybe I should cancel it and pocket that extra…