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Partner Workout – Abdominal and Butt Workout

As I’ve mentioned in several of my articles, partner workout is an excellent way of de-boring your solo workout routine. Find a workout partner whose level of motivation inspires you to regularly exercise. In a partner workout situation, each workout partner should be getting a certain benefit. Otherwise, there is imbalance. For example, if you do not like working out, you may want to choose a workout partner¬† who is a workout passionate. However, make sure you workout partner finds it fulfilling got him or her to motivate you to work out. Personally, I genuinely like motivating people to exercise, and the simple fact of knowing that they are working out based on the motivation I’m able to give them, is pleases me enough. In this case, it’s a win-win situation.

Partner Workout – Abdominal and Butt Workout

There are several ways to work your abs and butt. One exercise that gives you the ability to do this in a dynamic and fun way is the butt and ab partner workout. In this routine, you are laying down on your back, feet straight while your workout partner is squatting behind you. Raise both your legs until they form an angle of 90 degrees or more. Your partner will be tasked to push your leg back with just enough force to allow you to prevent them from touching the floor. To do this, you will be tightening you abdominal muscles, while stabilizing your body with your arms on each side of your waist, palm facing down.

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer and do this routine for 30 seconds. Then take 10 seconds rest during which you will switch positions with your workout partner and repeat for another 30 seconds. Keep alternating several times depending on your fitness level. I would recommend doing this for at least 10 times each.