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Partner Workout – Cardio and Strength Training

As the weather is getting warmer and the pressure of wearing light clothing is growing, so is everyone’s desire to look fit and have that beach body just in time for the summer. Here’s my general word of advice if you are the kind of person that waits last minute to get serious with your workout regimen. If you want to harvest in the summer, you have to sow in the fall and winter; this means that the fall and winter are the best seasons to work out because you give yourself several months to sculpt a great looking body ahead of the “show-me-whatchu-got” summer season.

Partner Workout

If you find it difficult to self-motivate, find a workout partner – someone who’s either looking to shed a few pounds, or someone who has an impeccable work ethic when it comes to exercising. A partner workout is not just about exercising together, it’s about pushing each other and encouraging your partner to do better. In today’s partner workout, Violetta and I are demonstrating a routine that has elements of both cardio and strength training.


I will be half squatting with my arms extended in front of me, while Violetta will be doing some high knees, attempting to touch my palms each time. In this partner workout, I’m exercising my quads while Violetta is getting her intensity cardio on. This will last exactly 30 seconds – How do we know that? Because we have set up the Gymboss Interval Timer appropriately for the occasion.

Once the 30 seconds are up, take a 10-second break and switch places with your workout partner. Now Violetta will be holding the squat position while I’m doing the high knees for another 30 seconds. We will keep alternating until each of us has completed a set of 15 squats and 15 high knees.

Total Time:

20 minutes

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