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The Benefits of Power Walking or Cycling Instead of Driving

It’s Sunday afternoon, the perfect day to take a long drive. Just as you’re about to put on your seat belt, but some of your friends call you up on your cell and suggest going to the park for a power walking or cycling session instead. Honestly, neither option is really your idea of a ton of fun, but your “athletic crew” assures you that it will not be a waste of your time. You’re not so sure about that and so you want to know some of the benefits to power walking and cycling rather than opting for the nice and quiet car ride that you already had planned. Well, let’s not waste your time, shall we? So let’s dive right into it!

Benefits of Power Walking

OK, if you’re one who likes to stroll down the sidewalk, then power walking is definitely going to take some getting used to, because while it’s not as fast (or as strenuous on your limbs) as jogging or running, it is about walking about as fast as you possibly can on purpose. And, just like with jogging or running, this is a wonderful form of cardiovascular exercise. In a car, the most movement your body would probably get to make is turning around at a traffic light so that you can get something out of the back seat. With power walking, not only are you getting your heart pumping (which makes it stronger) and sweat flowing (which helps to remove toxins), but you’re also burning a ton of calories in the process. As a matter of fact, if you weigh around 150 lbs., you can actually lose almost 460 calories simply by power walking for an hour. And hey, if an hour seems like a really long time, just look to your left or right for some distracting conversation that your friends can provide. Exercising really is so much more enjoyable with a workout partner anyway!

Benefits of Cycling

Perhaps if you have on some pumps, your calves could get a bit of a workout due to all of that clutch work that you have to do if your car is a five-speed. Otherwise, when it comes to fitness benefits, your car doesn’t stand a chance against all of the reasons you shouldn’t mind taking your bike out for a spin a couple of days a week. Being that it’s also a great way to get some cardio in, this means that you’re partaking in an exercise that reduces high blood pressure while decreasing the risk of diabetes and obesity. It’s also a wonderful way to tone up your legs and glutes, and since it’s a low-impact way to work out, it’s highly beneficial if you are someone with knee or foot problems because it’s something that you can do at your own pace while completing controlling the level of intensity that you desire. Plus, if you’re someone looking for a new vehicle for your commute to work and you’ve been checking out some of the latest ads on truck sales, you might want to look at getting a new bicycle instead, and not just for the sake of your health. Studies also reveal that bike riding is better for the environment and is cost-efficient (because you don’t need to buy any gas to travel on one). The same studies reveal that since your body naturally creates endorphins while you’re riding, there’s a great chance that you’ll arrive at your destination much happier and more energized than if you opted for a two-seater.

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