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Pros & Cons of Working Out with your Significant Other

If there’s some kind of goal that you have set for yourself, one of the easiest ways to reach it is by having some form of accountability. You know, someone by your side who can serve as a support system to keep you encouraged and motivated. This would especially be the case when it comes to maintaining an exercise routine. So, if you have a special someone in your life, it would make sense that you would consider using that person as your workout partner. However, as with virtually everything in this world, having a significant other as a workout partner has its pros and cons. Before using your loved one to hold your feet or count your reps, check out the ups and downs that come with sharing your exercise regimen with the love of your life.


Let’s go with the pros, first. One of the most beneficial reasons to work out with your significant other is that it provides both of you the opportunity to spend some quality time together that you might not get as much of otherwise; if you would like a good hour together to just focus on one another, working out is definitely a great way to do it. Another plus is that it can produce a healthy competitive streak because, say, if one of you decides you want to lose weight while the other wants to build muscle tone, you can provide each other with incentives for reaching each other’s goals while also having a heightened level of empathy that you might not have for each other if only one of you were exercising. Still, another pro is that you can gain a greater understanding of each other’s bodies: your strengths, weaknesses, levels of stamina and even each other’s flexibility, which can always be beneficial during moments of intimacy.


One of the greatest potential cons that come with sharing workout space with a loved one is the propensity to become impatient or judgmental with each other. For instance, if your partner is already a workout buff and you’re a novice, he/she may put some unnecessary pressure on you to perform at a pace that you’re not quite comfortable with (yet). Another potential con is that if it’s a new relationship, working out is a surefire way for people to get to see “the good, bad and the ugly” (hygiene and all) and so if you’re not ready to be super vulnerable, using your newly found love as as your workout partner may be a bit premature. And finally, if you’re not comfortable with your body image, you could find yourself becoming insecure and uncomfortable if you’re not getting the results that you would like as fast as your workout partner is. You certainly don’t want to have to hire a divorce lawyer all because your workouts brought out the worst in the two of you.

Slowly but Surely

Considering the above, before going all in you may want to start off slow. Walking together in the evening is a romantic way to strengthen your legs and lines of communication. Or how about going bike riding on the weekends to rev up that cardio and physical endurance? If all goes well with those, then consider easing into an activity or sport that you both enjoy. Whatever it is that you choose to do, if you’re going to do it with your partner, just remember that it should be fun, loving and rewarding. Don’t compromise any of those three…even if it’s for the purpose of working out.

About the Author: Sarah Danielson is a contributing writer for Morgan Law Firm – Divorce Austin, the premier family law firm specializing in divorces.

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