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Weight Loss Plateau – 5 Tips to Break Through it

weight loss plateauOf course you’ve heard of weight loss plateau before. Basically, when you first started working out, you were psyched about it. Initially, it was because it was something (relatively) new to do. Then it was because you were seeing (relatively) immediate results. But over time, it seems like you’ve been in a rut and your body isn’t responding to your exercise routines in the way that it used to. You might be tempted to quit, but don’t do that. Actually what you’re experiencing is called a weight loss plateau. It’s basically your body’s way of leveling off after it gets adjusted to your workout lifestyle.

There are things that you can do to rev it back up into high gear, though. Here are five simple tips.

Switch it up

We all have certain exercises that we enjoy doing more than others, but alternating is one of the most optimal ways to see consistent results. While cardio is always good for you, remember that strength training is essential when it comes to developing your muscles and keeping your skin firm and toned. If you’re bored running on your treadmill, try sprinting up some stairs. Tired of standing still and lifting weights? Alternate your routine with a partner workout. The key is to keep switching your workout routines, otherwise your body will quickly get used to your workout pattern, and soon you will develop a weight loss plateau.

Monitor the amount of calories that you consume

This is one of the things that keep people stuck in a weight loss plateau because they don’t realize that as you start losing weight, your body needs less of a caloric intake. If you’d like to know how to figure out the amount of calories your body needs per day, you can find an online BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator at BMI-Calculator.net.

Increase intensity

Hormones in our body respond to what we’re doing and not doing. Similar to the way we can get used to things and therefore lose the motivation that we initially had, so can the chemicals within our bodies. This ultimately causes weight loss plateau. So here’s a great tip to avoid weight loss plateau caused by hormones’ lack of motivation. If you’ve been doing some bodyweight workout routines in 30 second increments, you would want to challenge yourself and raise up the intensity to 40 seconds per set (after a week or so), then gradually to 1 minute, etc. You can also shorten the rest time between each set. That will also boost the intensity and help re-stimulate your hormones.

Focus on what you like the least

At least for a while anyway, because another thing that can get your body stuck in a rut is that you’re working out some parts of your body consistently while neglecting others. If you can’t stand spinning, do that. Most people hate burpees – if you hate burpees, do as many burpees as you can. Finding your area of weakness and then strengthening it will cause your entire body to sit up and take notice. That’s how you break through weight loss plateau.

Accept that burnout comes sometimes

Some of you may have read that and thought, “OK, so I guess I need to stop and set up an appointment for some good plastic surgery then”, but that’s not really the point that’s being made here. It’s just that sometimes we start a workout regimen with so much enthusiasm that we literally wore ourselves out. If you can relate, don’t stop working out altogether, but do consider adding an off day in between your scheduled exercise ones or at least giving yourself one of those days to do something that you love like swimming or roller skating. Perhaps then exercise won’t seem like so much of an obligation and you’ll remember that it’s something that’s good for you, both inside and out. Whether you always see the results of it…or not.

Good Luck!!