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Boosting Your Metabolism – Five Easy Tips

boosting metabolismBoosting your metabolism can be a great way to increase weight loss. While there are no quick fixes to getting the perfect body, you can help to speed up the process by playing it smart and boosting your metabolism. Below are five easy ways to get your metabolism going like the clappers.

Green tea

Green tea is constantly being held up as a super food and rightly so. Containing huge amounts anti-toxins that have been linked to fighting cancer and keeping individuals healthy. They also contribute to boosting your metabolism and aiding in weight loss. Some studies have stated that just 4 cups a day can be enough to burn 100 calories per day.


Studies have shown that the human body will expend 36.8 calories warming up 1 litre of ice water so that it is in harmony with ones natural core temperature. Following this logic 2 litres will burn 73.6 calories and 3 litres will burn 110 calories. There is only so much water you can drink in a day (2 litres is the recommended amount) but every little helps.


Countless studies have shown the human body takes more effort to breakdown protein then it does with other foods such as carbohydrates. Protein also remains in your stomach longer which has the added advantage of keeping you fuller longer.


Calcium is also continuously being linked to weight loss and broccoli is a very rich resource of calcium. In addition to this it is also rich in vitamin C which increases calcium absorption helping to boost metabolism even more.


Chillies and hot peppers, like ice water, mess with the body’s core temperature helping to speed up metabolism. This is why an individual may sweat after a particularly hot curry. In addition to this curry also influences pain receptors in the body which helps to reduce cravings for food. After eating a curry studies have shown that metabolism can be increased up to 25% for 3 hours.

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