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5 Tips for the Smoothest Shave for Men

men shavingWhen you shave, you generally hope to achieve to the smoothest results possible. Sometimes, it is difficult to achieve a close shave and it is important to know why. Hair removal can be a tricky and time consuming process, so it is vital that we are reaching our desired results. Different skin types, more coarse hair and the products you are using can all be reasons as to why you are not getting the smoothest shave possible.

Replace Your Razor Regularly

Not only will a blunt razor provide undesirable results, but it can also severely damage your skin. During shaving up to two layers of skin can be removed. A blunt razor can harm delicate skin cells and will not remove all hair follicles. If you want to achieve the smoothest shave possible, ensure that your razor blades are always sufficiently sharpened.

Use a Brush to Apply Shaving Cream

If you choose to use a cream or gel when shaving, using a brush during application can help you to achieve a smoother shave. Firstly, create a lather with the cream and apply liberally to the shaving brush. When applying the cream to your face, move the brush in circular motions, always ending with last stroke in an upward direction. The bristles of the brush will get underneath your fine facial hair and push it upwards, making it easier for the razor to stick closely to your face when shaving, which will in turn create a smoother shave.

Shave Twice

Many people opt to shave twice when wanting to achieve the smoothest results possible. Shaving twice can provide you with smooth results; however, it can also seriously damage skin cells. If no other methods work for you and you choose to shave twice, be sure to use an after care product that will moisturize your skin and repair any damage caused during the shaving process.

Ensure That your Face is Thoroughly Moistened

Warm water assists in opening the skins’ pores and when pores are opened, hair can be more easily removed. Ensuring that your face is thoroughly moistened also help to protect it from the damage that a razor may cause. The ideal situation is to shower before you shave, as this provides the face with sufficient amount of water. In many cases, however, it is not always convenient to shower before shaving. If you are unable to shower, ensure that you moisten your face thoroughly; the most successful way to do this is by thoroughly wetting a face washer with warm water and holding to all areas of your face for approximately two minutes. Moistening your face also allows shaving cream to work properly, as it is makes it more easily applicable.

Use the Right Products for your Skin Type

For the smoothest shave, it is important to ensure that you are using the right products for your skin and hair type. Nowadays you have such a large range of products readily available to you, from manual razors to electric shavers and shaving creams, balms or gels. Speak to a professional to determine which product is right for you. Many electric razors are now designed with anti-cuts and grazes features to help make the shaving process easier, whilst many shaving creams are now available in options for people with sensitive skin.

Author Bio: Ben is the owner of a local Barber Shop in Sydney, Australia. He has been in the business for over 40 years and still prefers the straight razor for men’s facial hair removal and his customers believe it to be the best shave available.