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Choosing an Adjustable Bed for Improved & Safe Mobility

adjustable bedMillions of Americans have trouble getting in and out of bed or have trouble lying down in a traditional bed. Hospital beds can be almost infinitely adjustable but tend to be very expensive, very uncomfortable or, in many cases, both. On the other hand, traditional home beds can be quite comfortable but are stuck in one position — perfectly flat. Now, there are other options.

Adjustable beds are available for homes. Once the province of late night television advertisements, today’s products are made by well-regarded manufacturers and are of very high quality. The pricing is more affordable than many expect, with some adjustable beds available for prices comparable to high-quality traditional bedding systems.

How an Adjustable Bed Works

In its flat position, an adjustable bed looks like a regular bed. However, it has an important difference. On most beds, the height of both the head and foot portion can be adjusted. Most have motors that allow for very fine adjustments, and many king and some queen size beds allow each side to be adjusted separately.

You can control your bed with a remote. Some beds include wireless remotes and top-of-the-line units even let you use an app on your iPhone or iPod Touch to control them. More elaborate units can also include heaters and even massage units. With modern whisper-quiet motors, all of their movement will not prevent you from sleeping.

These beds require special mattresses. While regular mattresses are made to lay flat, an adjustable mattress needs to be able to flex where the bed flexes. Luckily, there is a broad selection of mattresses available in varying thicknesses and materials. Whether you want memory foam, latex foam or a traditional innerspring, there is a mattress that will work on your adjustable bed.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

While an adjustable bed can be a great deal of fun and add comfort to just about anyone’s life, it is a life-changer for some people. People who have trouble getting in and out of a flat bed can regain a great deal of mobility and independence by getting an adjustable bed. This helps not only the elderly but also people who have orthopedic injuries. It is also useful for people recovering from surgery. These benefits come from the fact that it is simply easier, from a biomechanics perspective, to stand up from a seated position than from a prone position. Having the support of a powered system to get into a seated position from a prone one also restores mobility.

Adjustable beds have other benefits, as well. The elevated position that they offer can help with asthma and acid reflux. They also allow people to arrange themselves in positions that promote good circulation. This can help diabetics and people with cardiovascular or circulatory conditions,

Who Needs a Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bed

While these beds have tangible health benefits for people who need them, they do much more. Who wouldn’t want to sleep on a bed that heats and massages their tired back? How about sitting up a bit to watch a movie in bed, then lying down and snuggling? While adjustable beds bring mobility back to some people’s lives, they bring comfort to everyone.

If you’re looking for extreme comfort, there is a variety of adjustable beds out there (such as the Leggett and Platt adjustable beds), that can suit your needs. It is therefore important to try out different brands and find the one that best fits you.

About the author: Haliegh Adams is a writer with a background in marketing. Her hobbies include gardening and cooking recipes from foreign countries.