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Dangers of Energy Drinks

energy drinks are badMany people drink energy drinks because they are unaware of the dangers these drinks carry. One of the biggest source of the danger resides in the fact that they contain high levels of caffeine. In view of these dangers, it is very disappointing thing that these products continue to be sold everywhere around the globe. In drug stores, gas stations, supermarkets, and even in food stores. However, this article will tell you who are the most at risk, why energy drinks are risky, the health problems that are brought by energy drinks and many more.

The ingredients that you can find in an energy drink

As you know, energy drinks contain caffeine. However, they have other ingredients that were used to make it. They contain other stimulating herds like guarana and yerba mate. These additives make the heart rate increase when you consume them. Furthermore, others may contain other high blood pressure-inducing compounds such as organe and yohimbine.

The reason energy drinks are dangerous

The problem that comes with energy drinks is caused by the high level of caffeine in it. Reports according to Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) say that energy drinks contains up to three times the caffeine level of the strongest coffees out there.

Which age group is most at risk

In 2011, a research was conducted, and they used several age groups for their analyses. Among these groups, 50% of patients who ended up in the emergency rooms were ages ranging from 18-25 years (mostly college students). One-third of the groups were ages 26-39. The rest was reported to be of ages 12-17, over 40.

Health problems caused by energy drinks

The problems that come with digesting a lot of caffeine in the body are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Seizures
  • Accelerated heart beats
  • Liver damage

It goes without saying that the health problems listed above are extremely serious. Energy drinks should be systematically avoided by all pregnant women as they can lead to:

  • Late miscarriages
  • Small fetus size
  • An abnormal child

Although the FDA has put some regulations in place, they will need to reduce the amount of caffeine in these energy drinks.

Effects of mixing energy drinks with alcohol

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Most people are under the false pretense that the quickest way to recover from a hangover is to drink an energy drink. This simply can’t be farther from the truth. Studies suggest that people who drink alcohol and later drink energy drink, or mix them together, are more likely to get four times as drunk as otherwise.

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