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How Social Networking Can Improve Your Workout

social mediaWhen we’re updating our Facebook status or sending out a Twitter message, we’re probably only thinking about it from an amusement perspective. You know, a way to connect with our friends to make them smile or laugh. However, just the fact that even President Obama has a Facebook page, that should let us know that it’s also a pretty serious tool—a way to convey lots of different messages…and missions.

Take exercising, for example. Did you know that according to a recent data report by ShapeUp, between 30-50 percent of the companies affiliated with their business have employees that are involved in various kinds of wellness programs? And that it’s all due to social media? There are other studies that support the fact that social media is a highly-effective way to both inspire and motivate people to eat healthy and lose weight.

Are you wondering how social media networking can be used to improve your workouts, both off and on the job? Here are a few examples.

Social media can connect you to many people at once

Gone are the days of having to rely on flyers on the bulletin board in the break room to get an announcement out or calling all of your friends from a house phone. If you want to start an aerobics class, join in a community-affiliated walk or train for the marathon, you can start up a Facebook fan page to let people know. Plus, as you get more ideas, all you have to do is update your page’s information. It’s quick, easy and convenient.

Social media is a way to use positive peer pressure

Some people call it “peer pressure”, while others would probably prefer to use the word “accountability”. Either way, there are many reports that indicate that when it comes to setting a goal for your life, it’s much easier to reach it when you have the support of family, friends or co-workers. Just think about it: it’s a lot harder to announce to 500 Facebook friends or 300 Twitter followers that you’re going to lose 15 lbs in two months and then just blow it off. Plus, it provides a way for you to get tips from others in cyberspace about what they did that worked for them. Besides, who knows? You might find a few people who are willing to join you. You can email each other encouraging words, video Skype for “pep talk meetings” or even set up a Pinterest account where everyone can post healthy recipes, workout instructions and pictures of people that inspire them to get into shape.

Social media reporting is a great way to keep track of things

For better or for worse, one thing that social media does is keep a record of things that are posted. So, if you said that you would post a new way to make fruit smoothies by noon on Wednesday and you forget, chances are that someone who read that will contact you to remind you. Or, if you set a date for something on the Facebook calendar for two weeks from now, you don’t have to worry about Facebook forgetting to post it on your page on that date. However, if you have multiple accounts going and want to keep track of all of them, including various websites, blogs and even links, you can do this with social media analytics and reporting. Basically, it’s just like having a Google Analytics account except with the focus being on social media. If your workout network is expanding, it could be a wonderful way to keep up with the ebb and flow of it all. For more information, visit


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