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How to Prevent Hair Loss

hair lossHair loss is a reality for everyone. The average person loses one hundred strands of hair every day. This is perfectly normal and there is no need to panic about all the hair in one’s hairbrush or on the bathroom floor. Excessive hair loss, however, is another story. There are many reasons that one will lose excessive amounts of hair. Some of these reasons are:

• Genetics
• Medications
• Chemotherapy treatment
• Steroid usage
• Stress
• Overuse of styling tools
• Vitamin deficiency
• Narcotics and alcohol abuse
• Changes in hormone levels

Knowing the above causes can help to reverse hair loss. Although many of the above mentioned hair loss causes cannot be avoided, many of the causes certainly can be avoided. Here are four proven ways to prevent hair loss:

Vitamin B & C

Both vitamins B and C are proven to prevent hair loss and as well as boost hair growth. Vitamin B3 promotes blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicle. The best way to get an adequate daily dose of vitamin B is by taking a daily supplement. Vitamin C, which can be consumed through all citrus fruits and fruit juices, strengthens the hair shaft to keep hair from breaking and splitting.

Eat More Protein

A diet high in protein will ensure that hair receives adequate protein needed to stay strong. When a person does not eat enough protein, only a small percentage of the necessary protein levels make its way to the hair shaft. This causes hair to grow weak from protein starvation. Eat a diet rich in lean meats, dairy and leafy green vegetables. Protein shakes and health bars are also a great way to get extra protein.

Break Bad Habits

Habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes and drug abuse cause the entire body to weaken. Blood circulation is deeply affected by all of these nasty habits. Smoking, abusing drugs and overindulgence in alcohol causes blood vessels to tighten. This tightening restricts blood circulation which then lowers body temperature. Blood is unable to carry oxygen effectively throughout the body. Blood clots and poor circulation will eventually lead to hair loss. Quitting all of these habits will provoke the body to instantly begin the healing process.


By now, everyone knows that drinking lots of water every day does a body good. This health tip also stands true for hair. The hair shaft is one quarter water. Keeping the body well hydrated will keep the hair shaft hydrated as well. A hydrated hair shaft equals strong and healthy hair. A dehydrated hair shaft will cause hair to become dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

Styling Tools

Using hot styling tools daily is the quickest way to lose hair. The scorching high temperature that the hair shaft must endure daily is very damaging and is sure to cause hair to break off and fall out.

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