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Premier Nutrition Healthy Protein Shake and Protein Bar

If you’re wondering the role protein plays within your body, think of it as the compound responsible for the growth, repair, and maintenance of your cells. Protein is an integral part of muscle tissues, and is critical in every process occurring within your body, from metabolism, to digestion, to the transportation of nutrients through the blood vessels. But that’s not all; proteins are also fundamental in the production of antibodies. Antibodies are responsible for fighting illnesses and various infections. You also need protein to maintain a healthy hair, healthy nails, strong bones, and glowing skin. So as you can see, protein is essential for good health.

Sources of Protein

You can get your protein through animal food such as meat, poultry, dairy produce, and fish. Egg is an excellent source of protein thanks to its high content of amino acids. Fish is the second best source of protein. Then comes meat, milk, soya beans, oatmeals rice, peas, lentils and wholemeal bread. You should strive to consume a variety of protein-rich foods on a daily basis. It is recommended that adults age 19 through 70 consume on average 56 grams of protein daily.

Premier Nutrition Protein Shake

If you exercise regularly, you may seek to supplement your protein need. As many protein shakes manufacturers are very loose when it comes to the ingredients used, you should be very careful, and only look for healthy and natural protein shake alternatives. One such alternative is the Premier Nutrition Protein Shake. Premier Nutrition is a 10-year old California-based manufacturer of protein powders, nutrition bars and healthy supplements. Their protein shake is a delicious low-fat shake that contains 30 grams of high quality protein, only one (1) gram of sugar, and 160 calories. Plus each shake is nutrient rich with 8 Essential Amino Acids, 24 Vitamins & Minerals and is an excellent source of Calcium. As the picture above shows, it is available in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla flavors.

Below is the nutrition info for the Premier Nutrition Protein Shake

Premier Nutrition Protein Bars

In addition to the Premier Nutrition Protein Shake, (which you can use in the morning after your workout), you should also supplement your daily diet with healthy protein bars. I like the Premier Nutrition Protein Bars, as they can be used as healthy meal replacement. I recommend you eat 4 to 6 small meals a day rather than one or two heavy meals. Then replace your 10 am or 4pm snack with the Premier Nutrition Protein Bar. I especially like the fact that this protein bar has only 280 calories, but 30 grams of protein, and no trans fat, hydrogenated oil or high fructose corn syrup. These three elements should be avoided at all costs!

Below is the nutrition info for the Premier Nutrition Protein Bar