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The Benefits of Military Workout Routines

military workoutsThere are certain movies that we all remember that evoked a certain kind of “Ooo” and “Ahh”. Take the classic, G.I. Jane starring Demi Moore or even the love story, Dear John with actor Channing Tatum. When you first think about these films, they probably don’t seem to have much in common. However, if you think a bit deeper, both Demi and Channing’s characters played people in the military, right? No wonder their bodies looked so great!

Those two examples alone should inspire us. OK, perhaps not to join the military, but definitely to get into some kind of military workout routines. If you’re looking for benefits other than the potential of being eye candy for others, here are three to strongly consider:

Greater Shape – Less Time

Most of us have heard of gyms and personal trainers that host boot camp workouts. This was inspired by people who enlist into the military because a part of their training is to undergo a very strenuous exercise regimen. Basically, when soldiers first join, they have a few weeks to do months of work to get their bodies physically fit enough to take on the demands of being a part of the military. If you’re looking for a way to get your body in tip-top condition in record time, a military workout routines are probably what you need.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Extra Equipment

There are gyms. There are infomercials. There are even commercials that advertise all kinds of gadgets and equipment to help you get your body back into shape. However, based on the amount of time you have or even the reliability (or lack thereof) of the product, it could be more of a waste of money than anything else. What also attracts many to military workout routines is that the majority of the exercises require nothing more than your body weight. For this reason, once you learn the proper techniques, these are routines you can perform just about anywhere. These exercises do involve lots of hard work. But, with a lot of self-motivation and effort, you can get a rock hard body without spending a lot of extra cash on either a gym membership or expensive workout equipment.

There Are Lots of Options

If a military style workout routine is sounding like something that you would be interested in, the good news is that you don’t have to enroll in any online military schools to learn the proper techniques. There are actually lots of programs that specialize in this kind of exercise. You may want to start by calling some of your local gyms or fielding out personal trainers within your community to see if they offer these specialized classes. There are also DVDs that you can purchase surrounding this theme. Amazon, Overstock and eBay are all websites that carry these kinds of exercise programs. You can also visit In their “fitness center” section, there are several dozen different kinds of military workout routines and tests that walk you through step-by-step conditioning.

Good Luck!