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The Best Fitness Shows on TV to Get You Motivated

biggest loserThis month of May 2012, there was a news report predicting that by 2030, over 42% of the American population will be what is considered obese. This statistic doesn’t just affect the person with the extreme weight gain, but our nation as a whole because the health risks that come along with it will take a direct hit on our health care costs (over $550 billion dollars over the next 20 years).

Now more than ever before, we should be inspired to not just exercise, but to motivate those that we care about to do the same. Sometimes people need a bit of a push and fitness television shows may be just the thing to do the trick. Ironically, even with the poor fitness state that our country is in, there are not currently as many exercise programs as there are, say, reality shows. However, maybe with the recent information that was provided, there will be a bigger initiative to not just entertain people via the airwaves, but to educate them on how to take better care of their minds, bodies and spirits too. (One can hope, right?)

In the meantime, here are some fitness shows that may help to get you, or a loved one, motivated.

The Dr. Oz Show

Ever since Dr. Oz became a feature on the Oprah show, people have been a fan of both his expertise and delivery. So much so that his own show has continued to be a high-ratings favorite for several years now. From healthy food recipes and medical advice to tips on how to get a flat tummy and boost your metabolism, you can tune in daily to get a dose of information that’s physically beneficial to you long after the hour-long program goes off.

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser show has probably been the best reality television fitness show that has seen so much commercial success. Because the show is such a hit, it’s only fair to assume that each season that ends meet with viewers’ disappointment. However, one of the cool thing about this program (that follows a group of people as they compete to lose the most pounds), is that they have an online club that provides you with the opportunity to create a personal diet profile ( This way, you can stay on your own diet and workout regimen during the show’s off season.


My Style Network has a related show that follows a plus-size woman and a cast of people as they explore all things healthy with even some celebrity features from time to time. The program initially ran on Sunday’s at 7pm CST, but there are currently no new episodes on the schedule. However, the brilliance with the Internet is that you can watch past ones online on My Style Network’s website.

Total Fitness with Gilad

If you’re an early riser, the Discovery Fit & Health channel has this program that airs for 30 minutes each morning at 6:30 CST. Personal trainer Gilad’s focus is mostly on strength training and cardio, but each program walks you through various core areas of the body.

Comcast’s On Demand

A lot of us don’t realize that when it comes to our Comcast cable subscription, we’re paying for the convenience of On Demand and so we might as well use it. If you go to the Sports & Fitness section, there is a category called “Fitness Workouts” that features all kinds of exercise options including dance, kickboxing, Pilates & Yoga and even Kids Fun Fitness. You may also want to check to see if there is DVD duplication services available for any of these programs (in some cities, the option is provided).

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