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Top 5 Bride-to-Be Fitness Mistakes

fitness-mistakeWhen it comes to what a bride can expect on her wedding day, the good news is that she will be joined with her beloved. The challenging news (depending on how you look at it) is that during that celebratory ceremony, all eyes will be fixated on her as she does. This is why for the months (or sometimes just a couple of weeks) leading up to the wedding, brides-to-be have a tendency to go into overdrive when it comes to health and fitness. Suddenly, they’re working out for hours on end and their fast food runs have transitioned into Ziploc bags filled with fresh fruit and raw vegetables.

To be honest, that usually works to her benefit, all the way around. However, even when it comes to fitness, she can find herself getting “too much of a good thing” if she makes mistakes in her physical wellness routine. If you’re a bride, you certainly deserve to enjoy everything about your special day. One way to insure that is by taking note of the five fitness mistakes that many brides-to-be tend to make.

Having unrealistic expectations

If you were a size 14 when he proposed to you, then he loved you as a size 14. Therefore, don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to get into a size 6 wedding gown. It can actually do a number on your self-esteem because if you only have a couple of months until the big day, it’s a pretty unrealistic goal to set for yourself. It’s customary for brides to want to lose anywhere from 5-15 pounds, but remember that more than anything, you want to be healthy and tone. A loss of weight is just a bonus.

Doing extreme trainings

Women are known for signing up for bootcamp exercise sessions at times like these. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you haven’t done a lot of working out prior to them, you could run the risk of workout injury by not properly preparing your body for such strenuous core training. Make sure to discuss with the bootcamp trainer beforehand, about your exercise history so that he or she can properly monitor you during your sessions.

Not getting a personal trainer

Sure, you could buy a treadmill and run on it while watching reruns of Bridezillas (the last show you should probably be watching during this time, by the way!). However, it would probably be a better investment to hire a personal trainer. They are the experts when it comes to creating a workout program that targets just what your body needs, while also taking into account how much time is left to get you into wedding day photo condition.

Overlooking your diet

While planning for your wedding, there’s probably a big temptation to eat your way out of the stress or the overspending that you’ve been doing. Don’t! Even if you are working out, it’s counterproductive to exercise if all that you are eating is a lot of junk food. Make sure that you use this time to also give your body the healthy foods that it needs. Oh, and remember that juice and wine are packed with calories. If anything needs to be your best friend right now, it would be plenty of water.

Not getting a support system

You might be surprised by the fact that many brides are unable to reach their wedding day dream-body goal and it’s all because they didn’t have the right support system that they needed. It’s understandable why you might want to keep it a secret from your intended spouse (so that you can surprise him!). However, do make sure to at least let a couple of bridesmaids, a co-worker and your wedding planner know that you’re on a temporary strict regimen. That way, they can encourage you and also hold you accountable during all of those dress fittings and wedding cake tastings!

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