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Top 5 Careers in Fitness

They say that if you follow your passion, the money will follow you. That might be easier to believe in with some areas of work (medicine, accounting, law) more than others (writing, the Arts, fitness). However, when it comes to the field of fitness, there are actually many things that you can do that will keep your body in shape and put money into your bank account at the same time.

Are wondering what some of the best careers in fitness are? Here are five of them.

Physical therapist

Physical TherapistAs long as people are moving around, there will probably always be a need for physical therapists. It is their job to examine physical impairments, alleviate any pain due to physical injury and to educate individuals on how to prevent future afflictions. To become a physical therapist, you are required to have the minimum of a bachelors degree in physical therapy or a related field. On average, they make about $60,000 annually. For more information visit

Fitness/Gym Manager

gym managerIf you’re passionate about exercise and you’re wondering where business degrees fit into the fitness world, this is one job where the two could be a match made in workout heaven! Basically, fitness managers are individuals that work to make sure that gyms grow and prosper. This means that they need good communication skills, a savvy business mind and they must be solutions-oriented as unexpected problems may come up on a daily basis. Due to the fact that all businesses need money to stay afloat, a lot of their position also includes doing quite a bit of sales work such as implementing fundraisers and campaigns. Before bonuses and commissions, a fitness manager can make, on average, about $35,000.


nutritionistWith more and more people becoming conscious of what they eat, the demand for nutritionists is on the rise. You may opt to be a clinic nutritionist/dietician that works in hospitals or clinics or one that focuses more on the community at large. As you educate people on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, you can make as much as $38,000-50,000. You will need at least an associate’s degree in nutritional science or a related field to become registered nutritionist/dietician.

Personal trainer

personal_trainerIf you have an outgoing personality, you love helping people and the thought of working out every day puts a smile on your face, then becoming a personal trainer may be just the career path for you. Do keep in mind that you’ll need to get certified by a health organization in order to train people (you can check with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies for accreditation). Also, liability insurance should be the very next purchase that you make after becoming certified (because clients have been known to sue due to injury or neglect). There are some trainers that work in partnership with a gym while others do home visits. Either way, if you’re good at what you do and the word catches on, the money-making potential is endless!


refereeIt’s not a field that’s discussed much, but every time we turn on the television to watch a game, we usually see them. If you aspire to be a referee, it is recommended that you know the sport that you want to referee inside and out before even approaching the (career) field. Then, get your start as a volunteer on an elementary or high school level in order to get yourself into position for being one on a college campus. Just like college athletes, referees at the professional level are often recruited by scouts. It’s a very competitive market (very), but again, if it’s something you’re passionate about and you remain committed to, it could pay off. Referees for the NFL reportedly make as much as $42,000-120,000 annually.

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