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What Causes Dry Eyes and How to Cure it

dry eyesMany people suffer from dry eyes and may not have any understanding as to what is causing it, much less how they can cure it. If this is you, then just knowing what causes dry eyes may give you an idea of how to deal with it. When your eyes are dry, this means that your eyes do not have adequate tears in them to make sure your eyes are properly moisturized. Normal tears are carefully balanced by your own body into a composition of water, oils, proteins, and electrolytes. If this mixture is imbalanced, or your eyes are not making enough of the mixture, then you may suffer from dry eyes. If you are suffering from dry eyes, then check out the following suggestions and see if any of them work for you to help cure your problem.

Take a Break

With the advancement of technology, many of us sit around all day long and stare at a computer screen or our bright cell phone displays. It may be that you just need to allow your eyes to rest on occasion. If this sounds like you, then make sure that throughout your day, you take a few minutes to stare away from your computer screen and just take a moment to close your eyes and let them rest. This will give your eyes time to recover and gather some much needed moisture.

Over the Counter

If you only have dry eyes on occasions, such as when the pollen count is high, then you may just want to drop by your local drug store to see what drops it has on the shelves. There are a few over the counter eye drops that are created just for occasional eye dryness. So if this is you, then see if those drops help with your problem.

See your Doctor

If you are suffering from dry eyes on a daily basis, over a longer period of time, then chances are that you may need to be seen by your doctor. It may be that your body is not producing enough tears on a daily basis to keep your eyes adequately moisturized. There are prescription medications that can address this, so by visiting your doctor and laying all of your symptoms out on the table, you may find that a stronger prescription medication that helps your body produce more tears is perfect for your situation.

One Step Farther

Even after obtaining a prescription for medication that addresses eye dryness, you may find that you still have to visit an eye specialist and get them to even further examine your dryness issues. They may find that even when you do produce enough tears, that your body drains the tears away too quickly. This may mean that you need to have a procedure completed in which the doctor blocks your tear ducts with plugs that are either temporary or more permanent. This prevents your tears from draining away from your eyes, which means more moisture will stay where it is needed.

You do not have to stay uncomfortable day after day with dry eyes. If you are suffering from this condition, always check with your physician to see what they can do for you. You have to take the steps necessary to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable –you’ll always need them!

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