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5 Exercises To Help Osteoarthritis Sufferers

OsteoarthritisIf you or someone you know is suffering from osteoarthritis, then you know it isn’t a lot of fun. Depending on how severe the symptoms are it can have a huge impact on your lifestyle and emotional well-being and can leave you with constant pain. There are lots of different ways of treating the symptoms. These include lifestyle changes (especially if you are overweight), anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery, injections, alternative therapies and physiotherapy, but one the the treatments that you can do yourself and is actually quite good fun, is exercise.

Here are some easy exercises that can help ease your pain. NB: It is crucial that you check with your doctor before doing any exercise when you have osteoarthritis.


The best thing about swimming is that it puts limited stress on your joints while giving you a full body workout all at once. There are many swimming pools towns and cities and it doesn’t normally cost that much to get in. Especially if you have a senior citizens discount. If you don’t like just swimming up and down, you can join something like an aqua aerobics class that involves an instructor leading you through a series of low impact exercises in the water.

Tai Chi

While Tai Chi sounds like a martial art and is in fact a martial art, when you watch it being practiced by thousands of Chinese people from all walks of life every day it looks more like a synchronized dance. It is a fighting discipline and if watched at proper speed it is deadly but in its slow practice form it makes for a perfect graceful exercise that stretches muscles and encourages proper breathing. Perfect for ironing out osteoarthritis aches and pains.


Yoga has never been more popular than it is now. It is an ancient physical and mental exercise system that originated in India. There are many different styles of yoga, some fast, some slow, but they all basically a low impact way of working all your muscles and joints while also strengthening your mind.

Weight Training

Now we’re not talking about lifting massive weights above our heads here. Weight training in this instance simply means adding small amounts of weight as we carry out simple exercises like walking or climbing stairs to accentuate the effect it has on our body. You can buy small wrist and ankle weights at most sports shops and by wearing them from time to time you can get a workout that helps your joints without going to a gym.

Simple Stretching

If you don’t want to buy weights or try a new thing like yoga or Tai Chi, you can really help your osteoarthritis by simply stretching. Try carefully leaning over to almost touch your toes, stretching your arms up and go on your tip-toes, sitting on the floor and gently bend at the waist and finally try twisting your upper body from a sitting position to stretch your biggest back muscle.

Hopefully one of these types of exercise will prove useful in reducing your osteoarthritis pain.

About the Author: David Read Has helped many Osteoarthritis sufferers over the years and has also written many articles on the subject.

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