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Baby Stroller Workout – How To Lose The Baby Weight with a Stroller

In this guest post, Elena Filatova shares her own post-pregnancy weight loss story. See Elena’s bio at the bottom of this article


For athletes in all of moms! How to work out main body muscles while walking with the stroller.

Stroller workout

My stroller is my fitness

After my baby’s delivery I discovered that all I needed to lose baby weight and get back in shape was my baby stroller. Daily walks together with special invisible exercises brought me to the greatest shape ever.

A walk a day drops baby weight

To lose pregnancy weight, I simply was walking with the stroller every single day. To burn calories I walked at a pretty fast pace for at least one hour. Nearly 18 pounds’ gone – just by walking with a stroller one hour a day.

The important thing was keeping a walking speed that burns calories: walk at such a pace so you could speak on the go but not support a conversation.

Strollnetics – Holding stroller for fitness

Walking an hour a day made me quite slim however, my muscles needed better shape. Also I didn’t have time for the gym. The challenge was to shape muscles right on the go while walking with the stroller.

I discovered that different muscles get trained if you are holding a stroller in one or another way – just by switching the positions of the arms on the stroller’s handle.

This was amazing way to sculpt and tone arms, legs and butt right on the go. I developed 3 sets of exercises and named it Strollnetics: a mixture of callanetics and stroller fitness to work out legs, butt and abs.

For example, holding stroller with just two fingers and the elbows attached against the stomach – more efforts for pushing a stroller required from the abs muscles. After 20 minutes of such walking I could really feel my abs had a deep intense workout.

Stroller workoutFor the arms workout I used to hold a stroller in a different way. Now the elbows attached to the sides and even beyond the back. Pushing the stroller in this fashion makes the triceps muscles work the most. 20-30 minutes of this way walking– voila, my arms are done!

By best workout that brought my back in shape was going up the hill. Sandy hills on the beach work just excellent! Pushing a stroller with both hands straight and making longer steps – the greatest hips workout ever!


Strollnetics helps moms to drop weight and increase muscle’s strengths

With time, practicing strollnetics, I got lean sporty muscles and lasting weight loss results. For this reason, I never stepped into the gym or had to make time to train with a personal trainer. I build my body literally on the go and without even noticing it!

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stroller workoutAuthor Byline: Elena Filatova is a founder of An expert blog on fitness with the baby stroller. A resource for the new moms on how to lose weight by walking with the stroller, how to shape muscles doing a strollnetics fitness on the go, rollerblading with the  stroller and much more.