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Hate Working Out? What to do about Exercise Aversion

exercise aversionYou do know exercise is good for you. You do know you will feel better. If you could make exercise part of your daily life, then you could be fit, attractive and healthy. It makes sense. However, when you dislike exercise, convincing excuses are always close at hand; this is called exercise aversion. For some, exercise aversion is more than just a dislike or a bad habit, it is motivated unconsciously. Oh, it can be an exhausting affair to avoid exercise. You may find yourself becoming sleepy as your intended workout approaches.

The dislike of exercise is an enormous barrier to the lifestyle that you truly desire. What manifests on the outside as laziness is indicative of the deeper relationship you have with exercise. Is it a good relationship?

Exercise aversion doesn’t refer to the individual who has consciously decided that a snooze on the couch is preferable to a sweating session on a treadmill. In this situation, the mind is just evading hard work. This is absolutely normal. Aversion is a little more than this. It refers to those who consciously see exercise as preferable (i.e. it is something they genuinely want to do), but their deep dislike of exercise is so abnormally strong it prevents them from keeping to a good routine, even though they consciously desire it.

 The good news is that no one becomes ‘involuntarily lazy’ by random chance. It is self-created and self-fulfilling. (Perchance, you feel slightly stung by that thought?)

A Relationship with Healthy Exercise

The first step to avoiding exercise aversion, and establishing a healthy lifestyle, is to restore the relationship you have with exercise. Address the underlying reasons which are governing and influencing how you feel about regular exercise. It is natural to attribute your procrastination to other things in your world. It is psychologically more comfortable to focus on the present-external barriers. They may or may not be under your control, but at the very least, you are aware of them. These are the day to day challenges such as the lack of time and money. By focusing on the present-external, we gladly overlook the past-internal drivers. Far more influential than time or money, they lie at the heart of your relationship with exercise. The trouble here is that they are unconscious and often forgotten.

From this unconscious place rise the negative tendencies of procrastination and defeatism. In other words, you have learnt to avoid exercise, you’re just not sure why. It is much to do with a defense mechanism aimed at preventing you from additional psychological discomfort. Associations may be triggered through years of gym class torment or perhaps it was just a sporting blooper, which only a little embarrassing at the time, impacted poorly upon your self-esteem.  Through the years, learning experiences such as these fueled a habit, which after a while, you confused with personality. This is unsurprising when all you were left with was a total disdain for exercise.

From this moment on any exercise program is short lived and tortuous. Even though you may at times enjoy the adrenalin rush, at a much deeper level, you’re still being tugged away. Said simply, your mind isn’t on your side, and your mind always wins its argument.

Defeating Exercise Aversion

Restoring your relationship with exercise therefore is about breaking this, now useless reaction, and replacing it with a new habit based upon positive, recent associations.  When you’re ready, Subliminal CDs are the easiest way to reach this part of your unconscious mind. Subliminal messages are tuned to bypass your critical conscious, and affirm positive associations with exercise at an unconscious level. They are often combined with powerful Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

However, bear in mind that they cannot magically make you appear at the gym or change your life unaided. They only spin the wheels of your conscious, so that you are able to make clear, positive and healthy decisions while blunting the influence of the negative trappings of the past. Ultimately, it is only you who makes the big decision to get back into the gym. These subliminal messages free you up, priming you to be more open to the idea of exercise as a normal part of your daily life. They raise your awareness to the natural pleasure you take from exercise.

So at a very deep level, exercise subliminals support you as you reintroduce your mind to fitness, and progressively sever ties with exercise aversion. You do this on your own terms, reinforcing your behaviors until you reach a point where exercise is a meaningful, positive and sustainable part of your lifestyle. It’s a lot easier when your mind is truly on your side. Now go for a jog!

About the Author: Ryan writes about how the world of psychology is rapidly changing. He is the founder of Subliminal Today. A company which employs focused subliminal NLP to affect real change. You can follow Ryan on Twitter @subliminaltoday and facebook.com/subliminaltoday