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Healthy Foods With the Longest Shelf Life

beansA lot of us strive to eat healthy, but sometimes it’s not as easy as we would like. One of the main reasons is because organically-certified brands tend to be a bit pricier than other foods. So, we’re a bit hesitant about making purchases that many not have the longest shelf life.

The good news is that there are healthy foods that you can eat that are not super-expensive and actually last longer than you might initially think. If you’re looking some great examples, here are a few foods that you can put on your next grocery list.

Beans and rice

Yes, this is a dish (and a deliciously healthy protein one, at that), but whether you purchase these two foods separately or together, they are staples that can last for several weeks. Rice will actually hold for about two years (make sure to package it well as to keep bugs from getting into it) and dry kidney beans can last for about 6-9 months.

Peanut butter

It’s pretty amazing what two teaspoons (approximately one serving) of peanut butter can do for one’s health. It provides you with 8 grams of protein, 25 grams of fiber and over 16 percent of your daily Vitamin E allowance. Most of us go through a jar of peanut butter fairly quickly, so you might be surprised to know that it can actually last for a whopping two years. (Amazing, isn’t it?)

Tuna (in a can)

Fish is a good brain food. Not only that, but depending upon how it’s cooked, it also tends to be a low calorie meal. Matter of fact, tuna in a can is about 90 calories and it can actually remain in “eatable” condition for about 12-18 months if the can is not opened.

Olive oil

One of the absolute best oils that you can cook with is olive oil. That is because it is high in two “good fats”: monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats. Both of these are essential agents in helping to lower the risk of heart disease. Due to the fact that it is high in calories, it’s still wise to consume it in moderation, but one bottle will last you about two years. It’s definitely a food that does the heart (and wallet) good.
Campbell’s Soup. Soup is warm, comforting and full of vitamins and minerals. It’s also a (relatively) low calorie food. All of these are good reasons to store up a few cans. Another bonus is that Campbell’s Soup will also last about two years from time that it was packaged.

Dry noodles

One of the best things about noodles is that they are so versatile. From hot pasta dishes like macaroni and cheese and lasagna to cold pasta salads, they are not only delicious, but high in nutrition as well (especially if you get whole wheat or whole grain brands). Very rarely do we use more than one package at a time, but if you see a deal on some printable coupons, why not make the purchase? Dry noodles can sit in your pantry for up to eight months.

Canned vegetables

If you’re going to go the vegetable route, it’s definitely better to purchase fresh produce. Next up on the recommendation list would be frozen veggies and then the canned variety. However, eating some vegetables is better than eating none at all. So, having some canned corn, green beans or carrots on your kitchen shelves can be a good “just in case” option. They are able to sit up there for at least 12 months. Just be sure to double-check the expiration date and to cook them thoroughly once you do finally get around to opening up a can or two.

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