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Hot, Bothered and Pregnant? Ten Ways to Fight the Frustration

pregnant womanThere is nothing more exciting, but also strangely annoying, than spending the summer months panting under the weight of a constantly-jiggling, massive bump. Of course you’re delighted about the imminent arrival of your baby, but dealing with sweltering heat, summer crowds and everyone else having fun drinking can be a nightmare. However, there are ways of dealing with the annoyance that rears its head when you’re invited to yet another barbeque that you’re too tired to attend.

1) Swim

The next time you’re hating yourself for eating your third sandwich (yes, it is hard working out if you’re hungry or not – we know), chill out, and go swimming instead. This is the perfect pregnancy exercise as your body is supported by the water, and you’ll burn off some of those extra calories. Honestly, we’re not judging you. It’s horrible standing on the scales after your third month…

2) Meditate

It sounds ridiculous but no, it’s not. Meditation will relax you, ensure you get some ‘me’ time – and will, in turn, relax the baby. There are many great books and DVDs available on the practice (especially for beginners), so have a quick trawl through to see what you can find. It’s best if you can practice this when the house is empty, as voyeuristic husbands or friends are likely to find this extremely funny.

3) No Shame

If you’re really suffering, and stressing about getting the house in order, there’s no shame in speaking to your boss and explaining that you’d like to leave work earlier than you thought. Managers are human too, and the chances are they’ll empathize. It sounds awful, but there may well be someone who’d like to take on your duties as soon as possible, so you may find that this is possible.

4) Get away from it all

Dress your bump in something floaty, and head to the coast (we recommend Norfolk – far cheaper, and nicer, than Brighton, Bournemouth and Margate). There are plenty of holiday parks that’ll enable you to get away for a fraction of the price of a break abroad, plus, if it’s too late in your pregnancy for you to fly, this is your best bet at peace and quiet. You and your partner/mate/parents can head off for walks on the beach, enjoy lashings of fish and chips (or, indeed, ginger ale) and catch up on your sleep. Perfect.

5) Analyze

If you miss boozing and late nights, arrange to see a close friend on a Sunday morning. Take a good look at their pale skin, the bags under their eyes and the way their hand shakes as they pour their coffee. Note their numerous trips to the toilet to throw up. Still fancy getting hammered? We thought not. (Note: This may not work if you’re suffering from morning sickness, as all you’ll end up doing is vomiting together. You may even enjoy knowing that someone else is going through the same thing.)

6) Relate

It sounds a bit cliché, but if there are people who understand your plight, it’s likely to be other pregnant ladies. If you’re feeling a tad tearful and worrying about everything under the sun, join an internet forum to vent your fears. You’ll find there are hundreds of other parents on there who can help with everything from food cravings to how to find cheap maternity clothes. Googling ‘mum forum’ or ‘parenting forum’ is your best way to find the best sites.

7) Relax

Don’t fight any emotion that you come up against – remember that your body’s going through a time of intense change, and you’re allowed (within limits!) to feel (and behave) however you like. One of the major issues with growing a huge baby inside your gut is whenever the baby chooses to get active, you’ll always feel it. Babies can be very active at night, so if you suffer from sleeplessness, just go down to the lounge and read a book/watch a DVD/play a video game to take your mind off the exhaustion. Sleep whenever you can, and even if you get grumpy, try your hardest not to take it out on your family and friends.

8) Be Grateful

If you’re having just the one baby, and you have a friend who has two or more children, invite yourself over to her place when all the kids are home. Make sure you pay particular attention to the noise level, the mess and the way your friend cannot give you attention for any more than five-second bursts. Then return home and be grateful that you are only having one.

9) Don’t worry about the clothes

This sounds fairly obvious, but your black mood may be caused by the way your clothes are making you feel. If you’re currently involved in a battle with your figure, accept you’ll look like a whale for a few months, and get yourself off to a department store to find some decent, flattering clothes. There’s no reason why you can’t rock that bump and look great at the same time…

10) DIY

DIY might be the last thing you feel like doing, but if you’re looking for a way to take your mind off your worries, getting to grips with the nursery is a good place to start. Painting, decorating and putting the crib together can be incredibly therapeutic, and it’ll be one more thing that you can tick off your list of things to do.

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