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How To Build Stamina Every Day

staminaThough you try to make it to the gym every day and spend an exhausting 20 minutes on the treadmill, there is always another person that seems to start before you get to the gym and stay running far after you’ve gotten off. Before you give up and get discouraged, realize that revving up endurance or stamina takes a while and that it has probably taken them years to get to the level they are on.

As is the case with any type of fitness characteristic, it is best to gauge your progress only by comparing yourself to you. Whether you are looking for more muscle endurance, running stamina, or lasting power for sports, the same types of processes are necessary.

Train Smart

Realize that your endurance is not going to jump by leaps and bounds. For that reason, increasing weight, time, or intensity of workouts a little at a time is the best way to get your body used to higher levels of working out.

Those that focus mainly on weight training should look for weights that you can do about 8-12 reps with before your muscle become exhausted. Also, switch up the areas of the body that you focus on each day. This will help you to increase your overall stamina rather than building up muscle only in one area.

Cardio is incredibly important and should be included in most workouts. Whether you like to run, walk, bike, or dance your heart rate up, cardio provides the easiest ways to vary length and intensity of workouts. As your body feels less exhausted and gets used to the distances, inclines, or lengths of time you are moving, you can feel free to up the level and avoid plateaus. Gradual shifts in endurance are the best way to give your body time to adjust to what you’re demanding. They are also essential for avoiding injury and avoiding pitfalls that come when you over train or use the wrong types of supplements.

Stay Safe

A lot of people feel that if they could lose weight or gain muscle really quickly that their stamina would skyrocket. Though the amount of fat stores in your body has an effect on how much you can lift or how long you can keep your heart rate up, losing a lot of weight quickly is not the answer. Not only does quick weight loss shock your body and create unsightly flabs of skin, it also does nothing for building up muscle or increasing the strength of your heart and lungs. This is why crash diets and weight loss supplements with too many stimulants are dangerous and basically ineffective.

Another big factor in building endurance is energy, and many who wish to sustain their energy throughout a workout will look to supplements or powders for help. These give nutrients that you may not be able to get adequate amounts of in the food you eat, but some can be harmful. Many of these powders and supplements are being tested for effectiveness and safety even as they are sold on the market, and making sure to read updated information about ingredients and effects can keep you energized and safe.

Building endurance can provide a lot of different benefits, but it takes time and patience to get to your goal levels. Keep focused and motivated, and you will be amazed what you can accomplish.

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