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How to Select the Best Sports Bra for Your Body Type

sports braAs a woman, when it comes to working out, there is a bit of “preplanning” that must first take place. In other words, we have to find workout gear that is not just comfortable, but practical when it comes to holding all of our “physical gifts” intact while we’re moving about.

It’s not as easy to do as some might think, especially when it comes to finding the right kind of sports bra that’s best for your body type. But, if you are a woman who’s wondering how to know what bra will work for you, here are some tips to keep in mind before buying one.

If you’re an A cup

If you’re a woman who tends to be more on the petite side, although you also need support (all women do), the bigger priority for you is actually finding a bra that is comfortable. Look for bras that are made of a flexible fabric that perhaps extends a bit longer down the rib cage for a cozier fit. If you would like a bit of natural enhancement, there are some that come with a bit of padding (like the equivalent of a push up bra) up top.

If you’re a B cup

Women that are in the “B cup” category need a sports bra that will hold their breasts closer to their bodies (a compression bra is a good option). Because they still tend to be a bit smaller than women of a C cup and higher, there doesn’t need to be any hooks or underwire, but if you would like a bit of additional support, look for bras that have ribbed lining that reaches from the bottom of the bra all the way up to the under part of your breasts. Or, you can opt for a bra that has racer back straps that can be easily adjusted.

If you’re a C cup

As the bra cup gets bigger, oftentimes its cost increases, and sports bras are no different in that regards. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to skimp on the price. Instead, invest in 2 or 3 good bras that can carry you for the next several months. That said, when it comes to women in the “C cup division”, compression is definitely key. Look for bras that are made from stretchy material that has adjustable straps and seams that wrap firmly around the breasts. Bras that have a V-shape in the front and tiny holes in the fabric in the back provide room for you to sweat without it getting trapped into your bra or on your skin (which is great for reducing breakouts). Although all sports bras should be tried on in the store, a fuller busted woman should really make sure to do so. Your straps should provide firm support without digging into your shoulders. The same should be for the bottom part of the bra as well (no digging into the rib cage).

If you’re a D cup or up

For the “D cup and up woman”, there are a few must-haves to keep in mind. Look for an “X back” bra that runs as far down your rib cage as comfortably possible for the sake of additional support. Matter of fact, a racer back style of bra is also quite ideal for you. The main thing to keep in mind is that a bra that has a compression and encapsulation combo is paramount. Although you can find some bras with hooks, they can be a bit of a pain (literally), so if you want to go that route, look for some that hook in the front rather than in the back. Also, don’t leave the store until you’ve touched your toes and done a bit of running as well. This is not just to insure that your breasts stay in place, but also that you feel secure enough to do a wide range of exercises once you leave the store (find out more).

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