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Is It Worth It to Build a Home Gym?

home gymIf you’re someone who wants to get serious about working out, you may be wondering if it’s better to get a gym membership or to actually invest into building your own home gym. Well, as with mostly everything in life, there are definitely some pros and cons to both approaches. But in this article, we will explore five reasons having a home gym is a great way to go.

There’s no traffic

While most gyms have state-of-the-art equipment, something else that they have is massive influx of people. There are several inconveniences that come with this fact. You oftentimes have to wait to use the equipment, it’s not always the most hygienic environment (that is a lot of sweat from a lot of people in one space) and if you’re someone who prefers working out alone, it can sometimes feel like you’re exercising in front of an audience. This is clearly not the case when you have a home gym.

You can set up your own hours of operation

There are more and more 24-hour gyms in major metropolitan cities, but that’s not always the easiest (or safest) opportunity to take advantage of. In addition, what if you don’t have one in your city; then what? On the other hand, if you have a home gym, you can work out at any hour, day or night, all from the comfort (literally) of your own house. In addition, because it is your house, you can control other elements such as the volume of the music that you listen to and the kinds of snacks that you eat (and when). Indeed, another bonus is that with a home gym, the kitchen is only a few feet away and you can grab a muscle-fueling meal right after your workout.

There’s no need to commute

If you’re looking for a “go green” reason to build a home gym, here’s one: You can save money on gas. The reality is that there are a lot of people who don’t get the kind of exercise that they either would like or need and it’s all because they don’t want to make the drive to a gym. Just the price of gas alone can be enough of a reason to excuse oneself from putting in the effort. However, if you have a gym at home, there’s no cause for procrastination. After all, it costs nothing to walk from one room to another, right? Right.

You can wear whatever you want

Part of the freedom in working out is being able to do it comfortably. When you’re at a public gym, there tends to be a certain kind of pressure to dress a certain way, look a certain way, and act a certain way. However, when you’re at home, whether it’s your official workout gear, a sports bra, or your own PJs, it doesn’t matter so long as you get some cardio and strength training in. Just make sure that you have on a pair of really good sneakers. Your body will thank you for it before, after and during.

Pay big now, pay nothing later

When it comes to having a home gym, you can make it as small or grand as your heart desires and your budget can afford (by the way, some online estate agents can assist you if are looking to purchase a house that has a home gym already built within it) . In most cases, though, people tend to spend a certain lump sum of money to build it on the front end and that’s it. However, when it comes to having a gym membership, while you may pay for it annually, in order to continue enjoying its benefits, you have to continue to pay the renewal fees. Bottom line, over time, a gym membership can prove to be far more expensive (especially if you’re not going consistently). If you don’t want to throw money down the drain, it ultimately makes better sense to build a home gym.


Building a home gym doesn’t require a large amount of space. Check out the setup lifestyle fitness coach Carol Whitaker has in her house.

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