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Youthful Appearance: Surprising Benefits of Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty nycThere are a number of reasons a person may decide to undergo a nose job surgery. Something that may not be initially considered when beginning the process of rhinoplasty is that in the end, it can provide a more youthful overall appearance.

In a report in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, this theory was put to the test. In a study, images of 53 patients were viewed by 50 participants.  During the first viewing, before pictures of each patient were viewed, with the participant suggesting the age of the patient based on the image.

One month later, the participants gathered once again and were shown an after photo of the same patient, again asked to suggest the perceived age of the person in the photograph.  The results of this study indicated that, on average, a person may appear approximately one and a half years younger after a successful rhinoplasty.

Over 40 Patients See the Greatest Benefit

A rhinoplasty procedure is certainly not usually the first type of procedure to consider for the main purpose of facial rejuvenation.

In the particulars of the perceived age study, it was noted that patients in whom the biggest difference in age was seen were older patients (40 and older).  Patients who underwent a dorsal hump correction, as well, tended to show a greater age difference in the right direction.

As we age, there are changes that specifically impact the appearance of the nose.   For example, the body produces less of the natural substances that keep skin and joints hydrated.  As a result, the skin loosens, wrinkles, and can become uneven in skin tone.

Collagen also decreases with age which means that the cellular repair that once occurred quite readily slows down.  The aging effects of less collagen in the nasal skin are as follows:

  • In the lower portion of the nose, skin tends to thicken
  • The upper portion experiences a thinning of the skin

The result of these seemingly subtle changes, in many of our older patients, is that bony features around the bridge start to become become more pronounced. For example, a small dip just above the tip will become quite pronounced.  In some cases, the nose can even develop a droopy appearance.

Younger and Healthier from a Nose Job?

Clearly, changing the shape of the nose has the primary purpose of bringing this feature into optimal harmony with other facial features.  Regardless of the specifics of any given rhinoplasty procedure, patients will see a beautiful change in which their face shows more youthful and balanced proportions and contours.

Adding to the aesthetic benefits of a nose job are the health benefits that come with increasing the air flow through the nostrils. By restoring optimal air flow to the nose, patients can sleep better, stop snoring in some cases, and reap the health benefits of proper oxygen levels in their blood.

Author Bio: Dr. Theodore Diktaban is a Double Board Certified surgeon at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, specializing in plastic surgery and ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) with additional training in microsurgery. He has been performing procedures for over 30 years. He also specializes in facial plastic surgery as well as body procedures like the no scar breast augmentation and tummy tuck. He is located in Manhattan and Long Island and offers free surgical consultations.