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5 Female Athletes to Watch at the 2012 Olympics

2012 olympicsWithout question, all eyes are on the 2012 Olympics as each country supports its representatives in hopes that their athletes will come home with the “the gold” (or at least the silver or bronze).

The United States is certainly no exception in this case. Although some of the female athletes have been getting more press for their personal life choices as it relates to their sexuality (such as U.S. hurdler, Lolo Jones, who is a virgin at the age of 29), it should not be overlooked that these competitors’ athletic abilities are nothing less than impressive.

Below are five female athletes to watch at the 2012 Olympics, along with a couple of reasons why:

Alex Morgan

If you enjoy watching soccer, you’ll love watching Alex Morgan play. Not only is she physically beautiful, but she was one of the main reasons why the U.S. became a World Cup final back in 2011. At the Olympics, she has already been credited with keeping the Americans well into the game amidst some really tough competition. Fellow U.S. teammate Hope Solo joins Alex in these efforts.

Carmelita Jeter

As a woman who places second only to Florence Griffith Joiner when it comes to the world record set for the 100-meter run, a lot of people are banking that Carmelita Jeter may earn the title of actually being the fastest woman in the world. High praise, indeed.

Clarissa Shields

Someone who is getting plenty of press is a young woman who isn’t of legal adult age, but is someone who has been packing some mighty blows. Clarissa Shields is a 17-year-old middleweight who is actually the youngest boxer competing this year thanks to her quick feet and amazing punches. Her energy, passion and aggression makes you think that if she didn’t become a boxer, perhaps she could’ve trained for the winter Olympics and given some hockey players a pretty good¬†hockey workout. She’s just that powerful.

Missy Franklin

Another 17-year-old who is making some major strides is Missy Franklin. She already holds the title for being the current reigning FINA Swimmer of the Year. She is also athlete who is from Colorado and has vowed to dedicate any wins to the state that recently experienced the horrific movie theater shootings. This means that many are rooting for her from a place of sentiment as well as due to the love for the sport of swimming.

Gabrielle Douglas

At each Olympic event, there is a teenager that is seen as America’s sweetheart. This 16-year-old has every chance of holding that title at the 2012 summer Olympics. Her nickname (the flying squirrel) already gives a forecast of what she has to offer as a gymnast. It’s her hope that she can actually follow in the footsteps of Olympic great Dominque Dawes, who became the first African-American to win an individualized medal in gymnastics back in 1996. Another U.S. gymnast is Jordyn Wieber, who is no one to glance at, either. Gabrielle Douglas already earned the American Cup and Visa Championships this year alone.

With the 2012 Olympics being marked as “The Year of the Woman”, these are certainly only a few of the ladies who are sure to make history; if not as medal winners, then simply awe-inspiring athletic gems.

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