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Best 10 Body Posture & Eye Care Tips While Using a Computer

body postureIn this highly fast paced world, we always feel the urge to stay connected. Usually we find ourselves in front of computer screens and experience some kind of uneasiness related to our bodies and eyes. Working for longer hours may cause backaches, eye irritation, muscle pain, numbness or tingling. Specifically, working late at night with minimum light and in unnatural timing may result in severe eye and body problems.

Here are some tips to understand what body posture is best to avoid aches and problems and how eye care is important to work safely.

1. Chair Adjustment

A chair is the main feature of your working desk, so if the chair is well adjusted then it provides great relief. Adjust your chair in a way that your feet and back are strongly braced by the floor and seat back. At times you should lean back a little to relax your muscles. The backrest should have an angle ranging from 95º to 120º. Choose your seat wisely so that it provides stable support and should be down enough to buttress the upper leg.

2. Keyboard Positioning

Position your keyboard in a way that it makes it easier for you to reach. Sit closely to the keyboard, keeping your shoulders relaxed and your elbows slightly open. Adjust the tilt of the keyboard with respect to height and angle. Suppose, if you’re sitting in a straight-up position, it is best to tilt your keyboard little bit away from yourself. In other case, if you are somewhat reposed, then a forward tilt position will help you to maintain an aligned wrist posture.

3. Eye Care

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is at the top among office caused illnesses. Some offices have permanent eye doctors assigned for monthly checkups to avoid further eye problems. Use of computer may result in eyes irritation and may cause longer eyesight issues, if not taken care of. It is utmost essential to have protection in order to protect your eyes from strain. If your office doesn’t have one, make sure to your own eye doctor on a regular basis.

4. Eye Care Accessories

Using an antiglare screen will help protect you from the glare of the monitor. Plus you can use Focus Dailies Toric Lenses for extensive protection all day long.

5. Blink Frequently

It is known facts that while working at your computer you are likely to blink less frequently. Blinking more than often is essential when you are in front of a computer screen. Try to blink almost 10 times after every half an hour. It helps dampen your eyes to avoid lack of moisture and soreness.

6. Screen Break

Taking a break from the screen will help you focus more easily on your work and will give your eyes the much needed relaxation. Make a conscious effort to get up from your chair every one hour to have a break of one to two minutes.  It also improves efficiency as typing mistakes occur frequently after 2 hours of continuous work. This activity should become a regular part of your night work routine.

7. Office Exercise

It is important to have exercise intervals during your work hours. It is always recommended to pause for a while and stretch your legs, relax your shoulders and neck. Try to move your eyes away from the monitor screen and focus on different objects placed far from your workstation.

8. Monitor Placement

The monitor should be at the level of your eyes and should be straight in front of you. Place your computer monitor 18-30 inches from your eyes. Very bright light from outside or inside is often the cause of eyestrain. Make sure the contrast between the screen background and the on-screen characters is high. Focus Dailies Toric Lenses will help reduce the eyestrain caused by rays of monitor.

9. Paste an Ergonomics Principle Chart

Pasting a chart on your workstation will keep reminding you of your body postures.Good posture at work will take you a long way to being fit. It is also very useful to sit properly and be precise in body movements. ­­­­­­­­­­

1 0. Try an Alternate Computer Technology

The computer marketplaces have different brands of keyboard, mouse and monitors. Choose among the many alternative designs and use what is best for you.

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