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Cleansing: Three Proven Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Body

detoxificationWith our fast-paced and unhealthy lifestyle nowadays, it is not so surprising when we end up with a host of illnesses and conditions. No wonder, there seems to be a drastic increase in the number of clinics, spas and wellness centers that cater to problems concerning human health. Remember that while our bodies can naturally expel and rid off unwanted toxins, there is always a limit and a threshold. As such, this is exactly the opportune time for cleansing to come into the picture.

There are several approaches when it comes to body cleansing or body detoxification. A body cleanse is not really confined to those who live unhealthily, rather it is both for the unhealthy and the ones who are relatively healthy. A body detox is choosing to clean the body once in a while to counter the exposure to different injuring stressors, be it physical, physiological or psychological. Keep in mind that everybody is exposed and that no one is ever spared from numerous forms of toxins and chemicals, not only in our surroundings but also in the foods we eat and the beverages we enjoy gulping.

Step One: Resolve to a healthy diet

To cleanse the body, there are those individuals who engage in a very strict dietary regimen. For the relatively healthy, there is nothing really wrong about this; however, those who have heart problems or those who suffer from some form of nutritional deficiency should ask their doctors about any strict or specially formulated diet.

There are experts who suggest eating (or drinking) one type of fruit or vegetable for a period of three days or so. While you may actually be depriving your body of certain nutrients, the understanding herein is that this special diet will help you purge the unwanted toxins. The Master Cleanse Diet is probably one of the most famous cleanse diets. This involves a phase where you will have to consume lemon juice in an attempt to detoxify your body.

Cleansing however does not always have to mean that you will have to suffer. You can always cleanse by introducing cleansing foods in your meals. These food items are known to eliminate harmful elements through your urine and stool. Examples of these are vegetables such as carrots, Brussels, celery and cauliflower. In addition, cleansing fruits are peaches, pineapples, papaya and plums. The expelling action and dissolving power of tomatoes, apples, oranges and grapefruits are also helpful with the cleansing process. Apart from that, these foods also enable the maintenance of the alkalinity of blood. Other alkaline-maintaining foods include cabbage and kale as well as other green leafy vegetables.

Step Two: Resolve to drinking healthy

If you’ve been to the grocery store recently, you will note the variations in beverages. Pick from an array of beverages that promise several benefits to be yielded. However, be very cautious as the products may only offer empty promises.

Instead of going for that new sugary processed fruit juice that supposedly contains ingredients to perk you up day in and day out while burning your calories, go for water instead. Water helps in cleansing the different organs of the body especially the kidney and intestines. Toxins are flushed out via the stool and the urine. In drinking plenty of water, you also bring about the needed alkalinity level in the blood.

Step Three: Resolve to getting enough rest and sleep.

Body cleansing also involves stepping back and away from mind-boggling and taxing work or even time-consuming use of social media networks. Cleanse psychologically and emotionally by having a time for yourself — alone. Make use of this precious moment to attend to lingering concerns and issues about your inner self. Without a doubt, you’ll never go wrong in purging off unwanted thoughts. Clearly, cleansing the body by getting enough rest and sleep goes beyond helping your body rejuvenate damaged cells, it is also about being able to help your mental and psychological aptitude.

In the end, body detox or body cleansing is all about a rejuvenated you, a newer you. When you choose to cleanse the toxins in your body, you make that commitment to rid off any unwanted element in your body. Additionally, you recognize the simple truth that cleansing goes beyond what we physically see and experience, it is all about making the vital organs in your body more functional and therefore healthier despite a clearly threatening environment.

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