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Does Coffee Help or Hinder Your Weight Loss Efforts?

coffee and weight lossThere are a lot of people who can’t conceive jump-starting our day without a good cup of java. Sometimes it’s homemade coffee; other times it’s from the McDonald’s or Starbuck’s drive-thru. Either way, for those who swear by it, all they know is that once they have a sip or two, it makes everything much better (and alert) in their world.

So, just imagine if you could drink coffee and lose weight while doing it? Pardon the obvious pun, but wouldn’t that seem a whole lot like having your coffee cake and eating it too? Well, when it comes to various amounts of health studies on the matter, you just might be in luck.

Of course, there is always a flip side to every story and so we will actually explore what ingredients is in coffee that can help you to lose weight, along with what is in it that can also prove to be a weight loss hindrance. We’ll go with the “loss” side first.

How Drinking Coffee Can Help You to Lose Weight

The connection to coffee and weight loss is due to one ingredient in particular. That would be caffeine. And while there are continual studies being conducted to officially confirm that it does indeed influence weight loss in some way, here is what some researchers have discovered so far. For one thing, caffeine has been known to be an appetite suppressant (which is why a lot of diet pills have it as an ingredient in them). Another reason it helps with weight loss relates to the fact that caffeine is considered to have diuretic properties. This means that it aids in removing toxins out of the body at a potentially faster pace, especially when it comes to the amount of urine that you secrete. And perhaps the biggest reason of all is that if you mostly consume coffee throughout the day, you are drinking a basically zero-calorie beverage. Now, this isn’t speaking to lattes or cups of coffee that have gobs of cream and sugar in them. It’s actually referring to when you have it black or with a teaspoon of a sugar alternative like Stevia. However, before you get too excited and go to a store and ask the sales associate, “Can you show me this nespresso machine from Domayne?”, remember that all things must be done in moderation. Too much caffeine, over time, can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety attacks and bouts of insomnia.

How Drinking Coffee Can Hinder Weight Loss

On the other hand, there are some other studies stating that while coffee isn’t a bad thing to consume, there is a particular thing that the caffeine in it produces and that is cortisol. Cortisol is considered to be a stress hormone. When we are stressed out, the cortisol kicks in to speed up both our carbohydrate and fat metabolisms. When this happens, there is an increase of blood sugar to our system, which feeds our muscles and cells. A side effect of this is that it causes us to feel hungry, which makes us want to eat more. By drinking a lot of coffee on a daily basis, our bodies have the tendency to increase our tolerance to this kind of cortisol response. Some experts believe that this kicks our appetites into overdrive.

Final Thoughts

So, how can you know for sure if coffee consumption is beneficial or harmful for you when it comes to weight loss? Some of your resolve may need to come by a bit of trial-and-error. You also might want to speak with your physician to see if they think that coffee should be used when it comes to assisting you with your weight loss program. However, when it comes to really losing weight, eating right, drinking plenty of water and exercising on a regular basis are your tried-and-true best bets.

As for coffee, don’t rely on it to be any kind of miracle drug. Drink it for the love of it. When it comes to any other kinds of benefits, let those simply be a bonus.