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Exercise and Skin Health: 6 Ways Working Out Can Benefit Your Skin

exercise and skin healthIf there’s one thing that you can know for sure about exercise, is that it affects absolutely everything about you—and for the better, too. Not only does it tone our bodies, strengthen our bones and builds up our endurance, but it also kicks up our metabolism, aids in relieving stress and even helps us to get a good night’s rest. There’s another wonderful thing that it does as well. It tremendously benefits our skin health. Here are six ways how:

Exercise gets toxins out of our skin

If you’re serious about your exercise routine, then you’re going to do some sweating. That’s a good thing because it’s sweat that carries some of the toxins within our body out of our pores. This is great news when it comes to our skin because this means that sweat helps to keep dirt, debris and oil from clogging our pores up, which could lead to acne and blemishes otherwise.

Exercise increases blood and oxygen flow

Every part of our body benefits from oxygen. When we work out, it increases our blood circulation, which in turn brings more oxygen to our skin. This is beneficial because when there is more blood and oxygen moving at an accelerated pace throughout our bodies, it means that the nutrients that are within them get to our cells quicker too.

Exercise reduces stress

There are numerous studies that support the fact that when we’re stressed out, it kicks our hormone levels up a few notches which oftentimes suppresses our body’s natural healing patterns. When that happens, it can trigger acne, psoriasis and other skin disorders. However, by exercising, our nerves are calmer, which is better for not just our skin, but our blood pressure too.

Exercise kicks hydration into overdrive

Most of us know that are bodies are made up of close to 70% water. This means that one of the best things that we can do is to keep it hydrated with plenty of water on a daily basis. Yet, just because we all know that fact, that doesn’t mean that we all put it into practice. When you’re working out, though, nothing quenches the thirst quite like a bottle of water does. And when we drink it, our skin is thankful because it benefits from the pure fluid as well. One of the best things about water as it relates to our skin is that it keeps the skin from drying out. So, it’s especially important to drink plenty of it during the winter months (especially if you’re exercising outdoors).

Exercise tones the muscles

Exercise is an awesome muscle toner and when our muscles are firmed up, our skin looks fuller as a direct result. Toning is also highly-effective in minimizing the appearance of cellulite.
It boosts up the immune system. Our skin tends to say a lot about the state of our health overall. So, being that exercise helps to boost up our immune systems, this means that it decreases our chances of becoming ill, which is always a plus, both internally and externally.

Exercise gives you a natural glow

If you’ve been surfing the web looking for makeup reviews on bronzers, why not just take a morning jog, instead? When we exercise, our body helps to produce the natural oils that we have (which is why it’s imperative to shower right after exercising), which causes our skin to look healthy and supple. It’s a remarkable (and free) way to give yourself a glow far better than you could buy in any department store!

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