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High Intensity Interval Training with Laura London & Kodjo – Episode 1

Laura LondonToday I’m working out with the fantastic Laura London,  ranked figure competitor, fitness model, nationally certified personal trainer, writer and holistic health & wellness coach. The goal of our workout routines (many more to come) is to show that both men and women are equal on the workout playing field. Any workout a man can do, a woman can. Like Laura loves to say it, No excuse, get it in and get it DONE! So without further ado, here’s what we’re doing today.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It’s a full body HIIT routine of four different exercises: (1) Spiderman Pushups (2) Bench Jumps (3) Mountain Climbers and (4) Bulgarian Squats. Each routine is designed to work several muscle groups in your body, simultaneously.

1) Spiderman Pushups: This routine is the modified version of the regular pushup workout. In the Spiderman pushups you’re working your upperbody (chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps and core), but also your glutes, hamstrings and obliques (the ab muscles on each side of your lower torso). If you are a beginner, feel free to rest your knees on the ground. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 30 seconds, followed by a ten-second break; and then move to the next exercise

2) Bench Jumps: This exercise routine can be done two ways. As you see Laura doing it in the video, it can be done without a bench (so don’t worry if you don’t have anything to jump on top of). Just jump back and forth, ensuring that you push yourself as much as you can. If do you have a bench, make sure that it’s neither too high nor has too much cushion. The surface of the bench should be firm enough to absorb your jumps. In this workout, you are engaging your glutes and hamstrings. Do the routine for 30 seconds and move to the Mountain Climbers.

3) Mountain Climbers: If you want a strength training workout that involves some intensity cardio elements, the mountain climbers should be your friend. They are also excellent for toning your mid section. Do this exercise non-stop for 30 seconds; rest for 10 seconds and move to the last one.

4) Bulgarian Squats: Just like the Bench Jumps routine, we are doing two variations of the Bulgarian Squats. One with dumbbells as you see Laura do, and the other with barbells. Do one leg for 30 seconds, and the other for another 30 seconds. Alternatively, you can do one leg for 15 seconds, and the other for the same length of time. But no matter what you do, remember to push yourself to your limit!

That’s it, once you’re done with these 4 workouts, repeat the entire routine 2 more times for a total of 3 times! Now let’s get to work!!