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How to Make the Most of Your Apartment Building’s Gym

apartment gymThere are some really great perks that come with having a gym onsite at your apartment complex (or apartment building). For one, you (usually) don’t have to pay any additional fees to use it because the gym is factored into your monthly rent. Two, you don’t have to give yourself the excuse of “I don’t feel like driving to the gym today” because it’s only a few feet or (again, usually) at the most, a mile away from your building. And finally, there tends to be a lot more privacy at an apartment building’s gym than with a larger facility. Therefore, you don’t have to feel intimidated or uncomfortable when working out among strangers.

So, if you were looking for some solid reasons for why you should consider giving your own apartment’s gym a try, those are some really great ones. However, if you’re already sold on making it a part of your weekly routine and you would like some tips on how to make the absolute most out of your experience, here are three things to think about.

You can use it any time you’d like

When it comes to most workout facilities, although they are pretty accommodating, there still tends to be set business hours. And even with the ones that are open 24 hours a day, you have to take the safety risks of moving about in the middle of the night into account. When it comes to your apartment building’s gym (especially if it’s within a gated community), you usually still have around-the-clock access; however, you are given a security card or key so that you know you will be working out with other residents only.

You can use it to stay focused on your regimen

Some fitness trainers believe that two of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to working out at a gym are that they socialize too much with the individuals around them and that they do not put enough intensity into their routines. You can avoid both of these “stumbling blocks” at your apartment building’s gym by picking hours when there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people around and by adding an additional 10-15 minutes every month or so to your workout routine (in order to build up stamina).

You can offer suggestions to management

When you were first looking to see what apartment rentals were available in your city, there’s a good chance that you had specific things that you wanted in mind. Maybe you wanted a place that was close to your job. Or perhaps you wanted a washer and dryer in your apartment. Bottom line, you had a certain level of expectations. Now that you have been living in your apartment for a while and you’ve been using facilities like the gym, you should feel free to speak to management about things that could be done to make your workout experience better. Maybe you’d like some (additional) mirrors put up. Perhaps a particular piece of equipment could use some servicing, or you would like to see a new item put in altogether. Yes, you can also give suggestions at a more commercialized gym, but when you are dealing directly with your management, you tend to get quicker results. And, if you are able to work with them to create a gym that meets all of your needs, you have definitely found a way to make the most out of your onsite experience.

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