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How to Prepare for Shaun-T Insanity Workout, Dubbed “The Hardest Workout Ever Put on DVD”

So you have decided to start the Insanity workout program, you have chosen wisely. In many regards it as the best in home DVD workout program there is. The word “best” is of course a subjective word when used to describing something. I’m sure there are many people out there who bought the program, tried it, and then were subsequently disappointed with it because they didn’t get the “As Seen on TV” body they were hoping for. Don’t let that be your fate if you haven’t pulled the trigger on buying it yet. Below are several suggestions on what to do before you try Insanity, or if you’ve already gotten the program and are just starting it.


It would be wise to have a doctor assess whether you can handle this program or not. This is because sometimes we can’t notice obvious things about ourselves that others can. Some people think they’re in great shape only to discover they have joint or heart issues after they started this very intense workout program. It’s better to know this and decide on something else, rather than after you have spent your money.


Insanity is not exactly 2 months or 60 days long. It actually takes 67 days to complete this workout program. This is because there is a recovery week in the middle of the 2 months and that week is not counted in the sixty days that the program is advertised to be. So if you have a deadline of any sort, or you want to have your dream body by your vacation or a wedding or any other special event, move the Insanity workout begin date 67 days before your landmark.


You will be sore during the majority of the time, or at least in the beginning. This is something you probably have heard before: it is called the hardest workout ever put on DVD. And this is a title that Insanity has rightly earned. So the amazing results will not come free of costs. You will be sore and you will have to deal with it if you really want that body of your dreams.

So keep these three things in mind if you are about to start the program. But what should you expect once you get it? Also, because the program is so intense, is there such a thing as too much Insanity?

Insanity: How Much is Too Much?

The Insanity workout program has been labeled “The hardest workout ever put on DVD”. It has a high level of intensity that is sure to yield amazing results both in fitness level and of course on the way that we look. No wonder it has had such tremendous success and has created so much hype. More than that, it has proven to be much more than a passing fad. Now, for some people that are not in the adequate shape for this workout, this program can be dangerous if done carelessly. How so?

Well, for somebody who is not used to doing any sort of exercise and perhaps is overweight; too much exercise too soon can be dangerous. So even if getting too much exercise is not something that worries a lot of people, it should be something that people should be made aware of. Damage to muscles, bones and tendons is possible if we are not careful. Some of the symptoms are: a sudden increase in susceptibility to catching colds, getting a sore throat or another illness, elevated morning pulse, feeling unusually tired or fatigued or anxious, loss of appetite, and headaches. These are some of the ways that our body tries to tell us to take it easy and do things at our own pace.

So if you are doing the Insanity workout and are overcome with the desire to look good and have the body of your dreams, remember that too much too soon can be a bad thing. Listen to Shaun T when he repeatedly says to check your heart rate, to take a break if you need it and to do things at your own pace. Even Shaun T himself and the other people in the videos take a break every now and then, so why shouldn’t you? If you make sure that you give the Insanity workout your best offer without taking any silly risks, this amazing workout program will give you the best results possible.