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The Benefits of Using a Steam Room After You Exercise

Steam RoomIf you have access to a full-service gym and an exercise are the kind of person to work out for an hour, by pass the gym’s steam room, jump into a lukewarm shower for 5-7 minutes and go on about your day, you may want to check out the steam room next time. Although a lot of people probably look at a steam room experience as being more of luxury than a necessity, the real truth is that there are a lot of benefits that come with spending some time in one. Below are five reasons you should hang out in the steam room (at least for 20 minutes) after you exercise:

It relaxes the body

We live in a stressful world and there are more and more studies that are connecting a lot of physical illness and diseases to internalized stress. So yes, while it may seem like sitting in a steam room to relax you is not something that you actually need to do, anything that will lower your blood pressure and heart rate is something worth considering.

It soothes muscles and joints

After exercising, there can be a significant amount of muscle tension in the body that can lead to aches and soreness. Sitting in a steam room will cause your body temperature to rise, which makes your blood vessels dilate. This, in turn, increases your blood circulation, which helps to soothe the body and also heal any bruises or cuts that you may have received while working out.

It burns calories

The thing about this one is that you shouldn’t rely on steam rooms to lose weight. Healthy eating and exercising are the most effective ways to do that. Plus, too much time obsessively spent in a steam room can lead to dehydration. But with that said, when you sit in a steam room, you do sweat, which causes you to lose water weight, which can take you down a pound or two.

It removes toxins

Another “sweat benefit” is that whenever we do sweat, toxins are removed from our pores. There are many studies that support the fact that sweating is contributed to the body having reduces levels of chemicals too, including copper, lead and mercury. Another plus to having toxins removed from the body is that detoxification is an effective skin cleansing tool. That is because when you  sweat, bacteria drains out from the top layer of the skin, along with the sweat ducts. That’s why some people steam their faces before shaving or before moisturizing their skin.

It helps you to rest better

Have you ever had a night where the temperature in your bedroom was extremely uncomfortable? Your first instinct may be to send over an a/c repair contractor to fix the issue. However, not only could this be costly, there is actually another option to consider. By spending time in a steam room a couple of hours before going to bed, you will increase your endorphins. This, in turn, raises our body temperature, which helps to induce a good night’s sleep. So, if you’re someone who exercises after work and you’d like to get some amazing rest following it, a 20 to 30-minute stop in a steam room may be just what you need to accomplish that goal.

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