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Top 5 Exercises That Improve Your Golf Game

golfing exercisesIf up until recently, golf was more of a spectator sport for you, then you might not have thought that it required being in tip-top physical condition to be good at the game. After all, on the television screen, you watch someone in slacks walk up to a ball, take a swing and then follow it. How much physical exertion could that possibly require?

Well, but don’t let the television screen fool you. While a golfer may not move around as much as, say, a football or basketball player, golfing still requires a significant amount of skill, endurance and agility. As a matter of fact, if you’re open to doing a bit of exercising, it could definitely improve your golf game.

So what are some of the top exercises that you need in order to do just that? Check out these five below:

Try yoga

One of the biggest risks that people take before doing any kind of physical activity is failing to stretch beforehand. By partaking in exercise regimens like yoga, it helps to loosen the body up. This aids in reducing the risk of injury and for golfers, it also supports their range of motion.

Draw figure eights

There are some expert golfers who make it a point to draw imaginary figure eights (about 10-12 times) with their driver stretched out before they do a single drive. It’s a relatively simple way to warm up both the wrists and the forearms.

Do the twist

If there is one part of your body that you are definitely using a lot of on a golf course, it would have to be your lower back. If you speak to anyone who has experienced a back injury while doing some kind of sport, they will probably tell you that it is one of the most miserable experiences that a person can ever have. A good way to avoid it is to keep your back conditioned by doing things like straight-leg sit-ups, toe touches and yes, even some bicep curls. However, one of the most effective exercises that you can do is a couple of repetitions of what is known as the “lower back twist”. To do this, lie on the floor while crossing your right leg over your left one. As you grab your right leg with your left hand, slowly pull that knee down to the floor. It will cause you to put a twist into your spine, which will result in it becoming more flexible over time.

Focus on those glutes

If you want a swing that’s strong and steady, then making sure that your glutes are toned and firm are essential. Squats and lounges are two wonderful ways to achieve just that. For squats, stand with your feet apart and squat as low as you can go while making sure that your feet remain behind your toes. A bulgarian squat is also very effective in building your glutes and hamstring.


If you ever get the change to golf at the Errol Estate Golf and Country Club, you probably won’t have to run to get to each hole. But, the truth of the matter is that a good golf game can last a couple of hours and require a bit of walking. Incorporating a day or two per week to run on your treadmill or even throughout your neighborhood builds endurance and stamina—two things that can make anybody’s golfing skills improve in a record amount of time.

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