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5 Ways Swimming Keeps your Body in Top Bikini Condition

swimming in the summerSummer is the time of year that a lot of us look forward to because it is when we can go for a little swim. Sure, if you have access to a local fitness center, there’s a pretty good chance that you can do this year round thanks to the convenience of an indoor pool. But, there really is nothing like swimming outdoors in the warm sun. Naturally, it’s a fun way to stay cool in the heat, but it’s also an awesome way to keep your body tone and fit.

So, how are some ways that swimming keeps your body in “bikini and swimming trunks condition”? Check these out:

Swimming develops muscle tone

Although it’s a considered to be a low-impact exercise, swimming is also an excellent way to build up muscle tone. That’s because when you’re moving throughout the water, no matter what the pace, your body is fighting against the water’s resistance. So, as you increase your consistency and speed, in time, you develop muscle tone that is both strong and lean.

Swimming makes you more flexible

There are very few forms of exercise that will increase the range of motion in your muscles and joints quite like swimming does. The temperature of the water along with its buoyancy provide the ideal setting to move more fluidly and to try certain positions that would be much more challenging on dry land.

Swimming burns a lot of calories

If you’re a woman who has been doing research on diets for women, did you know that if you weigh approximately 160 pounds, you can burn close to 511 calories simply by swimming in the pool for one hour? This is because when you swim, it significantly increases your heart rate. When that happens, it revs up your calorie expenditure. Sounds pretty good, right? Just remember that in order to burn the most calories within an hour’s time, it’s best to keep your heart rate somewhere between 90-150 beats per minute.

Swimming lowers the risk of injury

Did you know that you weigh 1/10 less in the water than you do outside of it? Thanks to the power that the water has to support you as you float in it, outdoor water sports are a great way to do a daily workout. This is because even with rigorous activity, you are less vulnerable in the water when it comes to experiencing some sort of exercise-related injury. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of professional trainers who supplement (or substitute) their training at a track, field or exercise studio for in the water instead.

Swimming reduces stress

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of all is that swimming significantly reduces the stress levels that sometimes occur within our bodies. Aside from the fact that doing anything that you enjoy will aid in releasing anxiety, swimming is a relaxing activity because as more oxygen flows through your muscles, it causes you to slow down your breathing rate, oftentimes without even noticing it. So, if you’ve had a rough day, putting on a swim suit and spending 30 minutes in the pool is sometimes all of the “therapy” that you need.

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