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5 Workout Excuses and How to Remedy Them

workout excusesWe’ve heard them all.  There’s always something coming up that will stop someone from working out and staying fit.  Excuses should not come in the way of living a healthy lifestyle.  Here are 5 popular excuses to not working out along with solutions to those excuses.

I Never Have Time

It’s understandable.  You work 40-50 hours a week. You travel for work.  You have family obligations along with dinner with friends and family, and then you’re just too tired to do anything.  Right?  Wrong.  Working out can fit into your schedule.  You can make time by getting up a little earlier before work or not going out for those happy hour beers.  Working out and staying fit is a lifestyle adjustment that people need to be willing to take in order to remain healthy.

I Don’t Belong to a Gym

This excuse suggests that a gym is the only place to workout which isn’t true at all.  You can go for a run in the park or anywhere outside.  You can ride your bike.  You can participate in various sports leagues.  If you’re looking for a different type of workout to build strength, you can do bodyweight workouts such as push-ups and sit-ups at home.  Sometimes the excuse for not belonging to a gym is similar to people who complain that they “can’t afford to go.”  The solution to this excuse is also an easy one.  Gyms offers trial memberships for people who want to test it out for a short period of time.  An added bonus is that most states have health club bonds that protect consumers on shady membership deals.  Below is an excellent four-week home workout program

My Body Hurts

One of the reasons your body may hurt or you may not feel good is not having enough exercise.  The best way to resolve this is to ease into your workout.  Nobody expects you to run marathons right away but if you start off slow and easy, you can establish a baseline and gradually build and increase your fitness routine.  This is the best way to increase strength and endurance.

I Don’t Know How

It’s really not that hard and it’s all about routine.  You pick a couple days when you want to exercise.  Start off slow, should only be 3 days a week so you give your body time to rest.  If you’re starting a gym membership and incorporating weight machines, a typical routine for each muscle group consists of 1-3 sets with 8-12 repetitions for each set.  Make sure you stretch afterwards to increase flexibility.

I’m Don’t Need to Lose Weight and I’m Not Out of Shape.

Working out and exercising isn’t just for people who are obese.  Exercising will help you feel better and can improve your overall health.  Even people who are in pretty good shape can benefit from an additional workout or lifestyle change.

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