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6 Effective Ways to Get More Fitness-Minded Instagram Followers

Instagram FollowersWhile using Instagram is fairly straight-forward, it is not always obvious how to build up a considerable following on the platform, let alone in a specific niche, such as health and fitness. Most photos won’t attract a large number of followers immediately, but there are some tips as well as tricks that may get a person there ultimately.

1. Upload ONLY the very best photos

This almost will go without stating, but the initial step to Instagram stardom is straightforward: take stunning pictures. The pictures that obtain the strongest response about the service are usually especially appealing, interesting as well as well-composed pictures. While it might be tempting in the beginning to snap a photograph of each and every meal or each time your kitty finds it’s way into a clear box, redundant photos from routine, day-to-day activities won’t get much interest. For example, if you are at the gym, and feel Instagram inspired, make sure your picture depicts something unique about your workout, such as catching a shot of your in the air while doing a burpee routine. This photo is more likely to attract fitness-minded Instagram followers

2. Focus on what functions

To get the best sense of the kind of content that’s effective and attention-grabbing on Instagram, you have a few tools available. First, make it a habit to regularly check the “Popular” page within the app to determine the types of photos that make it there. You’ll notice several patterns: most of those photos contain skylines, an adorable pet, a stylish man or woman, and great shots of food etc. Take a good note of that page and mimic it as much as you can.

Another method to gauge exactly what works is by analyzing your personal stats. Instagram analytics providers like Statigr.am gives you a plethora of historical information about your personal account. Among other things, Statigr. am teaches you which of your photos have gathered the most “likes” overtime, but also those that received the most comments. Search for consistent trends in your most liked images and attempt to capitalize on those strengths.

3. Make use of #hashtags, particularly popular ones

Most Instagram users take advantage of hashtags in order to tag as well as categorize content material. Tagging your own photos provides them an additional opportunity to be discovered by other users. For instance, if I have a photo of the healthy dinner, tag it using the #healthyeating hashtag, and that picture will appear alongside a large number of others with the common theme.

Instagram’s archaic iPhone application doesn’t let you know which labels are typically the most popular, but the 3rd party website Webstagram provides a summary of the best 100 of frequently-used labels. The most widely used hashtag on Instagram currently is #iphoneography. Additional popular labels include #sky, #cat, #dog, #flower as well as #sunset. Tagging your own photos with one of these hashtags, whenever appropriate, can boost the odds of your images being found by others, and hence increase your chances of accumulating new followers.

Even if your photo was already published, you are able to go back again and include hashtags within the comments below the picture so keep that in mind.

4. Follow other people

Unlike Twitter, you should not bulk follow hundreds of individuals at a time and expect them to follow you back. Be selective in who you follow, but just remember to follow. For example, if you are enthusiastic about fitness, type the #fitness hastag in on the Explore page and take time to go through pictures and follow people based on your genuinely liking their photos; not because you simply want a follow back.

One easier way to do this is simply taking a look at some of your real friends that have thousands of followers. .Go to their photos (they typically collects hundreds of likes. Then simply go through each person that liked their photo and follow them. If you friend is a fitness aficionado such as yourself, you are almost certain that whomever follows her would like to follow you as well.

5. Geotag your own photos

Using the geotag function on Instagram allows to you show the location where a photo has been taken, then allows you to search for all other photos taken in the same vicinity. For example, a picture taken at a gym that has been geotagged, will show you all other pictures taken at that gym or in the surrounding. That can allow you to add followers with the same passion as yours.

However, a word of caution on geotagging. By geotagging your own photos, it actually establishes your exact location, making it easy for a stalker to physically follow you. Where ever you are in the world, as long as Google Earth’s satellites are on key and up to date, that unwanted person can find you. So I would personally suggest to only geotag while on a trip someplace else.Don’t allow the setting to be automated. Geotag manually

6. Like and comment on other pictures

One from the easiest ways to grab the attention of like-minded Instagrammers is to “like” photos that catch your interest. Be generous with your likes and comments. A good practice is to have it marked on your electronic calendar on your smartphone. For example, have a time of the day set specifically to browse Instagram and like and comment on pictures. This will go a long way as people who’s photos have been like may automatically add you without even checking your profile. Obviously, just like anything else, exert moderation and avoid being spammy.

Now go on and conquer Instagram and grab as many fitness followers as you possibly can!

About the Author: Steve writes for The Instagram Blog, a website designed to help boost your Instagram Profile.

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