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Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Body Prepared for Ski Season

Ski seasonWhen people think about getting their body in the right kind of shape, typically, it’s for the summer season; the time when we’re wearing our bikinis and swim trunks while hanging out by the pool or on the beach. However, if you have plans to go on a ski trip with some of your family members or friends this winter, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that ski suits fit pretty snugly and swooshing down the slopes requires quite a bit of flexibility, strength and endurance.

There’s no time like the present to get your body “ski season ready” and here are five ways to do it:

Do some stretching

In preparation to be a competent skier, you need to do a bit more than simply touching your toes with your fingertips. About 2-3 months prior to your ski trip, consider getting into a Pilates or yoga class so that you can learn how to effectively do two things well while you’re skiing: breathe deeply and lengthen your limbs as you move briskly through the snow.

Get used to doing a lot of lunging

Lunges aren’t only a wonderful way to get your backside ready for your ski suit. It’s also something that you can do to condition your body for being on the slopes by cutting down your chances of experiencing an injury significantly. Consider doing 3-5 alternate lunges (3-5 minute sets) at least twice per week. In general, do as much lower body workout as possible. The Bulgarian squat is an excellent lower body exercise you should learn to embrace. Try the below routine.

Watch your diet

Great muscle tone makes for a great skier. So, as you’re doing all of your bodyweight training routines, make sure that your diet gets plenty of the muscle tone building foods that it needs including egg whites, chicken, lentils, avocado, oatmeal and whole grain pasta. Incorporating more water into your daily regimen is always helpful as well. If you’re not a huge water fan, try drinking some mineral or spring water with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Or, you can put in a couple of slices of cucumber in your glass; it makes for a refreshing (and detoxifying) drink as well.

Run, ride, walk

If you ask professional skiers or even people who have ski jobs what they would recommend to get more in shape, they would all probably tell you to do exercises that will help to build up your endurance. Whether it’s running on your treadmill, riding your bike in the park or even taking a brisk walk with your dog in the evenings, by doing anything that will raise your heart rate for 30-60 minutes, 2-3 times per week, you will find that you be able to hang out on top of the mountain longer than most.

Balance it out

Standing on skis is a lot like standing on skates; it requires quite of bit of balance. It would be a shame if you were in your cute outfit and your body was toned up, but you still couldn’t enjoy your ski vacation because you kept falling down on your skis. At the end of your workout routines, try standing on one leg (alternating each one) for a count of 10 and repeat it five times per foot. The sturdier that you are in your living room, the better prepared you will be for the snow that awaits you on those slopes!

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