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Top 10 Tips for Improving Your Mental Health

mental healthWith the entire world continuing to face a number of serious financial and environmental questions, the subsequent impact on individuals’ mental health could be destructive. While there is an increasing understanding of mental health issues and how they can affect individuals and groups, there are many who still forsake carrying out simple tasks which could make them feel happier in the long run.

Use our top 10 do it yourself toolkit for mental health and ensure that your outlook continues to remain bright and positive.

1. You really are what you eat

Numerous studies have shown that diet plays a huge part in mental health, and if your diet is unhealthy, you could be on the long road to depression. Ensure you eat and drink a healthy balance of nutrients to ensure you have a natural feel good factor about you at all times.

2. Value your friends

Talking and listening to others can be a massive help in changing your own outlook. Whether simply listening or giving advice back, having a conversation over a cup of coffee or dinner is a great way to keep your mind healthy.

3. Cherish your close friends

The same principle applies to any close relationships, whether that be with a partner, lover, or family member. Keep your essential relationships healthy and discuss any problems as they arise, keeping them on your mind will drag you down.

4. Make sure you exercise more

The weather is no excuse for skipping workouts. In the winter, work out at a gym facility or preferably at home. In the summer get outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Add a touch of friendly competition by finding a friend to go along with; activities such as tennis are a great thing for socializing as well as getting yourself in shape. Partner workout in general is a great way to motivate each other.

5. Discipline

Be disciplined with your sleep and make sure you get enough of it. Optimize your bedroom so you can get the best sleep possible. Lack of sleep can badly distort the mind and is one of the biggest contributory factors to developing severe mental health problems. Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, but whether it is four or ten hours that make you feel fresh, make sure you get all of them and it is quality sleep.

6. Remember to laugh

Buy a book or download a funny podcast to make you laugh. Making sure we laugh often makes us feel good, and can easily help us to forget those issues that have previously upset us throughout the day. Enjoy laughs with friends and loved ones as an additional way to nurture those relationships.

7. Don’t hold tears in either

If you need to have a good cry, then do it. Most of us have a friend that we can turn to in our time of need, so to speak, who will be there with a hug and listen to our problems. Bottling up our feelings will not get us anywhere, only angry and feeling isolated from everything around us.

8. Seek help if need be

Do not be afraid of seeking help for mental health issues. Despite the greater understanding of the general population, there is still an inexplicable stigma attached to admitting to mental health issues. Even if you are feeling a little down regularly, speak to a friend, family member, or medical professional.

9. Get that “me time” in

Indulge yourself and make sure you get your “me time.” Whether you get that through hitting the shops, playing sport, or taking a relaxing, long soak in the bath, having time to yourself is a great way to refresh the mind and refocus on what is important.

10. Be outspoken about issues

Speaking of importance, do not let your job get on top of you. Bosses’ awareness of mental health is greater than ever, so if you are struggling at work, tell someone in charge and they can assist in seeking out the help you need.

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