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Top 5 Benefits of Working With a Registered Dietitian to Lose Weight

Registered DietitianYou want to lose weight. Correction: You need to lose weight. But, the truth of the matter is that you’ve tried so many things (diets, shakes and smoothies, fasting, etc.) yet nothing has proven to have long-lasting results for you. You’ve heard that working with a registered dietician is a good idea, but at this point, you’re a bit skeptical that anything else will prove to being about lasting results.

If you’re mulling over contracting a dietician, but you’re not totally sure about how one will benefit you, here are five reasons why they could be your best decision yet:

They have been professionally trained

One reason people go to a licensed therapist is because while their friends may have some good advice, they are usually not professionally trained in the field of emotional issues. It’s a very similar comparison when it comes to working with a registered dietician rather than following your own regimen. Being that they have studied topics like biology, physiology and nutrition, they are better equipped to provide you with information on how to create customized meal plans based on your healthy history, lifestyle and goal weight.

They can help you get to the root of your issues

There are many dieticians who also have counseling or psychology degrees. This can be good because they can also work with you to get to the root cause of why you may have weight issues. This is also potentially beneficial because once you reach the size that you want to be, it will be easier for you to remain there once you better understand some of the psychological reasons behind what caused you to gain the weight in the first place.

They are better equipped if you are recovering from a recent illness

If you have been battling with the effects of diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, a dietician can partner up with your doctor or health practitioner to customize a diet plan that will strengthen your immune system, while providing your body with the specific kinds of nutrients that it needs for you to get back on track.

They are a good complement for trainers

Have you recently signed up for some¬†personal training courses? If so, a dietician can be a great complement for your workout regimen because they specialize in understanding how metabolism works in various people and makeups. This can be great because if you’ve exercised before and not gotten the kind of results that you wanted, your dietician may be able to provide you with some customized tips to get you to your weight loss breakthrough.

They can help the entire family

One of the best ways to reach your weight loss goals is to surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable. A good registered dietician is able to not only provide you with the education that you need, but s/he can also put your entire family on a regimen that will provide everyone in the home with some great results. For more information on how to find a registered dietician that is right for you in your local area, go to and click on “Find a Registered Dietician”.

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