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Top 5 Tips for Selecting Clothing That Makes You Look Taller and Slimmer

look tallerYou know, if you asked just about anyone in this world if there is something that they would change about the way that they look, almost everyone would provide you with a few things on their “wish list”. Some of those people would probably say that they wished that they were taller, while others probably wished that they were slimmer. And then there are those who probably wish that they were both.

The thing about wanting to be taller is that you can’t (physically) do a ton about that. Your DNA determined what your height was going to be many years ago. And your weight? Well, that is definitely something that you have more control over, but if you have a big date tomorrow night, you’re not going to lose 10 pounds between now and then.

The good news is that there is a bit of a “quick fix” to appearing taller and slimmer. It’s all about selecting the right kind of clothes. Do you want to learn how to provide these kinds of cool fashion illusions? If so, keep reading:

Be monochromatic

Wearing one color is a wonderful way to appear both taller and slimmer. The great thing about this option is that it doesn’t mean that you have to opt for putting on black all of the time. Virtually any color, if it’s a solid, will pull off the “Boy, you sure do look taller and slimmer” effect.

Watch your accessories

OK, here’s the thing about a belt: Although it may be cute to look at, if you want to look taller, it’s actually working against you because it is a surefire way to visually cut yourself in half. Plus, if you want to appear thinner in your waistline area, it tends to accentuate that area rather than take people’s focus away from it. If you’re a guy, consider putting on an over sized shirt or blazer. If you’re a woman, long necklaces or pendants are preferred.

Rock some heels

An obvious way to appear taller is to wear heels. Even men can do this by putting on a pair of shoes that have an extra inch in the sole. As for the ladies, the sky is literally the limit. Just make sure that you put on a pair of pumps (or stilettos) that are comfortable and that you can gracefully walk in. There’s no point in appearing taller if you’re just going to look awkward in the process.

Less is more

If you’re someone who happens to be extremely petite (like under 5’3″), you might be tempted to want to overdo things thinking that it will distract people from your size. The truth of the matter is that big patterns and tons of jewelry can overpower your appearance. Smaller prints are the smarter route to take and if you’re going to wear stripes, make sure that they are vertical.

Get some regular jeans (literally)

Even jeans have trends (remember when everyone wanted a pair of skinny ones?). But, that doesn’t mean that following the trend is the best look for everyone. For a taller and slimmer effect, make sure to buy jeans that are regular cut, are dark in color and have a bit of a flare at the bottom. You can go to to find promo codes that can earn you discounts like free shipping or even an additional 20% off on your purchase of a pair of jeans at your favorite retailer. Or, you can print off a coupon and take it into a local store. Oftentimes that’s best so that you can actually try the pair on before you buy them.

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