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5 Easy Ways to Work Out in the House

work out in the houseAlmost everybody would want to own some of the fancy equipment found in gyms. If only wishes were horses then beggars would ride. Unfortunately not very many people can afford these gym equipment; and for some,  they take up a lot of space within the household (nobody wants to be making his way through a gym equipment-cluttered living room!).

Going to the gym on a regular basis may also prove to be costly or even time-consuming. Coming up with strategies of working out at home is a suitable alternative that would most definitely cater for all these issues, as well as add on the flexibility of the workout sessions.


Taking a walk is among the most pleasurable forms of exercising, especially in a natural environment surrounded by plenty of trees. Outdoor walks are largely determined by the weather factor and to some extent the time of the day. It is best to have a walk in the evening or very early in the morning. However even with poor weather conditions one can walk around the home. Moving up and down the stairs is a very effective strategy that would tone up the legs as well as provide low impacts aerobics. Walking around the house for a few minutes may seem unorthodox although it would most definitely yield positive results. If you have a large backyard, you can power walk around in laps for 10 to 15 minutes


Dancing is a fun activity that is also a great form of exercising. Playing music that is full of energy, and of course features your favorite tunes certainly makes home exercising fun. Music lifts one’s spirits and enables the concerned individuals to workout continuously for prolonged periods. Doing something crazy once in a while can also be fun and worth it. A good example is dancing to commercial break advertisements, other than changing the channel or forwarding the DVD. Just don’t let anyone see you! 😉 The moral of the story is music and exercise are a great match, and dancing is not only good for the heart, it also makes one develop a positive self-image.


Squats are brilliant exercising techniques for the legs as well as the buttocks. One is supposed to stand in front of a chair feet-hip distant apart with the toes forward. While leaning the chest slightly forward and bending the knees, one should tap the seat slightly then stand up immediately. The weight should be maintained on the heels and the knees over the toes. This process should be repeated a number of times for the body to benefit.


Most people (especially women) would not consider push-ups among their favorite exercise routines. One is required to get down on all fours with the knees together. Walk with your hands out and lift the feet, then move the hands slightly wider than the chest. The head, neck, back, and butt should all be aligned. With the abs tight, bend the elbows and lower the chest towards the ground, then press back upwards. People should not pretend to be pros, instead it is ideal for them to establish the style they are most comfortable with. The push-ups can be done on the knees, instead of keeping the legs straight. They can also be done while standing up against the wall. Irrespective of the technique used, these exercising tips are great ways of building up arm strength and strengthening the muscles around the chest area.


Crunches would strengthen the abdominal muscles. In an oblique crunch one should lie on the back with the knees bent. The left knee should be crossed over the right knee, the right hand beneath the head, and the right shoulder lifted towards the left knee. One should then release down and repeat the procedure at least ten times. People should not stress on getting the head all the way up, especially for beginners. As long as the stretching of the muscles is felt, the head is lifted high enough.

Bottom line is one does not need expensive equipment in order to keep fit; workouts can feature any of the available resources, as simple as they may be. Exercising routines are likely to become a continuous process, if they are done with comfort.

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