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5 Reasons you May Need a Neurosurgeon for your Back or Neck Pain

chronic neck painIf you have been struggling with back or neck pain you may be wishing for the help of a medical professional to manage the pain and to eliminate the underlying causes. You may be surprised to learn that a neurosurgeon just might be the right person to see if you have been suffering with back or neck pain. For a lot of people, the title neurosurgeon conjures up an image of a surgeon who is tasked performing various forms of brain surgery. However, neurosurgeons do a lot more than that. Top neurosurgeons also deal with back, neck and spinal issues through their knowledge of the nervous system and various peripheral nerves and arteries. If you have been having significant problems with back or neck pain, here are 5 reasons you may need a neurosurgeon to help you:

1. Neurosurgeons Have Many Years of Specialized Training in Their Field

To become a neurosurgeon entails more than simply attending medical school and completing internships. Any physician who wishes to be a neurosurgeon must enter a residency program that specializes in Neurosurgery, and will typically remain in that program for at least five to seven years in order to learn all of the skills and knowledge that they will need to treat Neurosurgical patients successfully. These programs focus a lot of attention around back pain relief including spine care, and the average neurosurgeon receives more than fifty percent of their training in the area of spinal care. After completion of a residency program, the candidate will need to take an exam in order to obtain Board Certification from the American Board of Neurological Surgery.

2. Neurosurgeons Have the Necessary Continued Education to Remain at the Top of the Field

It takes many years of studying hard and many years of on-the-job training to become a neurosurgeon. Not just anyone can become such a doctor; it truly takes making an investment both in terms of time and money. That investment in education does not end after graduation from college, completion of residency and passing the board exam. For neurosurgeons, education continues throughout their career. There are many different types of spine and neck conditions and there are several modern treatment forms that have been developed in recent years. Advances in modern medicine and neurosurgery are made every year. Top neurosurgeons continue their education well into their career by attending Neurological Spine Conferences, both nationally and internationally. This enables them to provide their patients with the most thorough and comprehensive treatment and care based on the most recent spine knowledge that exists at this time.

3. Neurosurgical Spine Care Fixes Issues That Other Treatments Cannot Solve

It is easy to get frustrated when you have back or neck pain. Not only is the pain itself irritating, oftentimes it can be quite a lengthy process when you are attempting to ascertain the source of the pain. When you experience pain that is severe or even debilitating yet your doctors are unable to discern the source of or the reason for your pain, it may be due to a neurological issue, in which case a top neurosurgeon would be able to help you.

4. Back Surgery is Complex and Delicate and Requires the Skill of a Top Neurosurgeon

If you have suffered an injury to your spine, your nerves or your brain it can manifest itself as pain in your neck or your back. Top Neurosurgeons can attempt to fix the issue non-surgically, but if the need for surgery is indicated they have the technical and medical knowledge necessary to treat you. Neurosurgeons are the only medical professionals who have the training necessary to be able to perform the complex and delicate operations that are needed in order to repair or protect the components of the nervous system including the Spinal Cord, the Spinal Nerves and the Spinal Column.

5. If Nothing Else Has Worked, Neurosurgery May Be Your Only Choice

If you have tried many different ways of alleviating your pain but nothing is helping, neurosurgery may be your only choice. Of course, surgery is only possible if the underlying cause of the pain is able to be treated through surgery. Surgery is not possible for every patient who has back pain that is severe. If you want to know whether you are a good candidate for neurosurgery, you should get a consultation with a top neurosurgeon as soon as you can.

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