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5 Sure Fire Ways to Combat Fatigue

combat fatigueWhen discussing with colleagues how to deal with the afternoon lull, many suggestions have been made. The overloading of caffeine method, going for a walk, afternoon nap (highly unlikely) and exercise. All will have their benefits somewhere down the line but not all are possible especially as workloads increase. Here we look at a few methods to combat fatigue by focusing on the what we can do as an individual and also some natural stimulants to keep us productive and keep the boss happy.


Exercise is always the first suggestion made to combat fatigue. However, when exercise is mentioned don’t necessarily jump to conclusions and think a five mile run. With more people working in the office environment compared to manual labor, many people now complain of fatigue. Trying to stretch your limbs can be quite difficult in the modern workplace. On a comfort or lunch break try and go for walk (even if its just round the office). Take your mind off the over inflated workload and focus on something different. More often than not, five minutes away from your workstation can revitalize yourself and ensure you finish the day on a productive note.


So simple but not everyone considers drinking water to combat fatigue. When we consider that our bodies are mostly made up of water it’s no wonder we become less productive when dehydrated. To help combat fatigue, ensure you consume at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drinks at least 75oz of water every day. Not only will your body feel healthier and fresher, it will maximize output and prepare your body to face the rest of the day. In addition, drinking water has been proven to help with weight loss and skin condition.

Take natural health supplements

Natural health supplements have been highly recommended (from a holistic standpoint) to battle afternoon fatigue but with so many on the market it can be difficult to choose. Cinnamonsupplements have been proven to help boost energy level as they help to maintain and increase the immune system. In the office environment germs and viruses are easily passed and when that nagging cold can be difficult to shake off it can lead to a lackluster performance when it comes to tackling your workload.

Sleep regularly

Ask yourself why are you tired during the day? What are your sleeping patterns like? Although everyone is individual when it comes to sleep patterns it is recommended that everyone should have around eight hours sleep per day. For many this can be difficult when it comes to midnight feeds and the soundtrack of urban Britain playing so heavily around us, but best efforts should made to ensure we are all sleeping enough. To maintain a healthy sleeping pattern, free yourself from all distractions. This includes checking off the smart phone, laptop, TV, all these technological distractions keep our brains active and don’t allow us to switch off and enter relaxed mode.

Watch your diet

Naturally some foods will contain more high energy ingredients than others. High caffeine products, although good for short term solutions can actually make you feel more tired went the stimulant has worn off. Try switching the coffee and sugary snacks for juice and a piece of fruit. It may not seem as exhilarating but will stave off any fatigue which may occur later in the day.

We are all different so some tips will not work for everyone, but reassurances can be made that by following just a few of these changes can help tackle and destroy the plague that is the afternoon lull.

Author Bio: Paul Stephenson has been working with Businesses to improve workforce productivity. Paul is a keen advocate for cinnamonsupplements and other herbal treatments to combat stresses of the modern workplace.

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