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8 Ways to Stay Fit Despite Your Busy College Schedule

stay fit in collegeHectic schedules, dorm-life distractions, late-night snacks, high-calorie dining hall food, homesickness – these are only a few reasons why typical college students find it hard to live healthy lifestyles. But is there any way to overcome it? Yes, there is. If you can’t hit the gym because of time or budget restraint, don’t fret. There are still many ways to stay fit aside from lifting weights and using other exercise equipment. Avoid gaining extra pounds despite your busy schedule by following these simple tips:

Walk to Class

Walking to your next class is the cheapest and safest way to help you shed unwanted pounds. Burning a pound of fat is easier than you think if you make this activity a daily routine. Riding a bike to class can also be an alternative. Aside from promoting weight loss, it also helps the environment.

Track Advantage

If your college campus is a traditional one, then most likely you have running tracks in the area. Take advantage of this opportunity by hitting the tracks at least twice a week. Use comfortable shoes and proper footwear to avoid sprains and strains.

Don’t Miss Breakfast

Although others might take it for granted, you shouldn’t. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day –  the one that keeps you going. If you skip it, you’ll be sluggish and feel really tired. Just remember, a good breakfast meal should be rich in protein.

School Sports

Enroll in a fitness class. If you can’t make time for exercise, then make it part of your curriculum. Choose fitness classes for your elective credits to stay up and active the whole day through. Joining sports clinics and intramurals as well. This way, you can get to sweat out and meet exercise buddies at the same time.

Have Enough Sleep

Don’t pull all-nighters even if finals week is drawing closer. Plan ahead so that you can organize your study time and still have at least eight hours of sleep a night. Research shows that having enough hours of sleep will sharpen the memory. Aside from that, sleeping will refresh your mind and strengthen worn-out muscles.

Eat Wisely

As much as possible, refrain from eating unhealthy food from the dining hall. Replace fried food with grilled or baked food. But if you feel you must indulge with a portion of your favorite food, eat wisely. Do not eat more than your share. Set up a routine that will stop you from eating too much.

Hydrate yourself

Drink plenty of water. While eight glasses of water a day is the recommended daily average, you can drink more than that especially if you move around and sweat more often. Water inside the body will help speed up metabolism, and therefore speed up healthy weight loss as well.

Keep Healthy Snacks

Instead of stocking junk food into your cabinet, go for oatmeal, fruits, crackers, popcorn, pita bread and other nutritious food. Steer clear from sodas or sugary snacks as they can only promise extra calories. Taking healthy snacks will also keep you from overeating during nighttime.

Living a healthy lifestyle in college is not as easy as it seems, but by following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be right on track! Stay fit and enjoy college!

About the author: Melissa Page is a passionate writer and marketer who blogs for FloridaNationalUniversity, an institution that provides educationalprograms to enrich the community it serves. When she is not writing, she plays bowling with her friends.

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