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Avoid Workout Boredom – 5 Reasons a Bike Can Help

workout boredomWe all know that feeling of doing the same work outs in the gym over and over again – but familiar routine can soon become the enemy of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Whatever our goals; muscle growth, running faster or losing weight, repetition is the enemy as it creates workout boredom (ultimately killing your desire to exercise altogether).

Workout Boredom

In the battle against workout boredom, a group of cyclists called ‘Critical Mass’ get together to cycle through the city of London (U.K). A frequent rider explained the concept, “…it’s a chance for people from all walks of life to cycle without traffic through the city, and there are no rules, no leaders and no set path… our numbers mean that the traffic has to stop, hence the name, critical mass”.

The video above highlights five lessons to incorporate into our own fitness goals in order to fight workout boredom and spice up your fitness routines.

1. Go with the Flow

These bike rides have no leader, they go with the flow.  Every two weeks, allow yourself to go with the flow and do whatever you want.  Try the rowing machine, have a go on the stability ball, or by the lac side – Do whatever you feel, but make sure you change up your routine on those days.

2. Make it Social

Critical Mass is about being around other people, making exercise a social event.  So if you’re struggling with exercising on your own, why not sign up to a class or find a workout partner? It will make your workout experience that much more enjoyable, push you to achieve new goals, and relieve that workout boredom.

3. Don’t be too Structured

With no prescribed route or finish time, these cyclists listen to their bodies and to those around them. If your body is telling you that you’ve had enough, take a rest, go home early or simply try another activity. This way you won’t resent whatever activity you are doing. Resenting a fitness activity creates the impression that you are being punished. These feelings accumulate over time, possibly triggering workout boredom.

4. Be free

Half the fun of Critical Mass is cycling freely, where you wouldn’t normally cycle.  So, you can get up early in the morning when you are sure to have the route to yourself.  You don’t always have to exercise in the gym! Remember that.

5. Have fun

Finally, this video shows us that riding a bike is fun! Why not ride a bicycle, walk or run to work?  Beat the commuters, enjoy yourself and get healthy all at the same time.

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