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Circuit Training, Home Exercises for Busy Women

Home Exercises for Busy WomenThere are many women that are far too busy, whether it be because of busy home life with children to look after or working away on business trips all over the country. The chances of attending a gym are very slim but this does not mean you cannot keep fit and in shape, there are simple exercises you can do anywhere!

Circuit Training

The best way to stay fit at home is by completing daily circuit training, as it is an excellent way to improve your strength and fitness levels while at the same time keeping slim. The advantages of circuit training are:

• It gives a very high intensity fat burning workout
• Conditions and strengthens the body
• Works all the muscles in the body
• Can be modified to fit any workout area such as hotel rooms
• No need for expensive gym equipment
• Excellent way to lose weight

Below are 8 exercises you can modify and adapt for your workout. The most common thing to do is take some exercises and do as many as you can within 60 seconds, the other and less common way is to do them until failure.

1. Squats

These are the general exercises of gym, they work the biggest muscles in the body known as the Gluteus maximus muscle (Butt muscles).

2. Squat Thrusts

Squat thrusts are completed by starting in a push up position and jumping forwards with your legs just like the squats, this works out the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles.

3. Press Ups & Push Ups

We all know how to do these I’m sure! This develops upper body strength and tones the pectoral, triceps, and anterior deltoid muscles.

4. Burpees

Burpees are performed by starting in a stand up position and dropping down into a squat and then into and squat thrust finishing off with a press up, then repeat. This of course works all of the muscles groups at once associated with the push up, squat and squat thrusts.

5. Star Jumps & Jumping Jacks

This is done by starting with your feet together and hands by your side, jump into the air and raise your arms touching above your head and feet spread apart, then repeat.

6. Sit Ups

This classic exercise helps tone the abdominal muscle group, there are many variations of the sit up but the mot common is lying on the floor with your feet at least 2 feet away from your butt. With your hands by your side pulling up to your knees and slowly going back down.

7. Skipping

Skipping provides an all round vigorous workout and can be done in many different ways.

8. Sprinting

You can use the sprinting method to run between exercises or run a couple of lengths if you are doing them in the garden.

As you can see home exercising can be very inexpensive and even fun depending on which workout you choose and which exercises you carry out. There are lots more exercises to choose from if you make a quick search with Google you will find hundreds!

Author Bio: Sarah is a contributor of ihealthmarket and writes about many different health subjects, here you can see her latest work covering the Oxy sleep product.